hi! i'm als & this is my blog.

i write about random things.
these days i write pretty sporatically.
sometimes i completely rave about something, like a tv show but sometimes i write pretty serious things.
i write in short phrases, i like the freedom of not having to write in proper punctuation and grammar.
i'm a christian. i also ♥ music, art, photography, movies, tv & books.

hope you enjoy ♥

Monday, December 20, 2010

survivor nicaragua finale !!

currently watching survivor finale
(so stop reading if you don't want to be spoiled)
but its loading rather slow
so i'm a quarter way through
& i really really really want fabio/judd to win

but i've just finished watching when they commemorate each of the players gone
and they usually say nice things about each one of them
the funniest though was tyrone's
because all holly said was 'tyrone the fireman'
could they seriously not say
oh yeah, he was a nice guy or something.
also, after i heard naonka's spiel/explanation
i was like 'are you serious?'
she's seriously deluded
like she was saying how she played a smart game and that she was nice.
no. and no.
1. she stole food (stupid move)
2. she's in-your-face and rude, yelling at people for no reason
3. she's a backstabber
4. she's a quitter
5. she knew she was going to quit and that she was going to have food that night, yet she still didn't give up her place for reward so that others can eat.
so no, definitely not a smart game. not even close.
and she's just painted herself as being one of the most rude and selfish people that has ever played survivor.


just finished watching final challenge
i'm calling it out right here
fabio will win.
i'm about 80% sure.
it's my prediction anyway.


hahaha, so fabio's just playing on everyone's minds now
making everyone paranoid
i totally knew it
he totally played up that he was so stupid and blonde in the beginning
but slowly we are seeing that he is quite smart
i remember that episode when they were talking about freud
and he actually knew about the iceberg/subconscious theory
and it was then i knew that he was playing dumb
so that everyone would discount him as a threat
and last episode
when he saw his mum and he was all emotional
that was so cute


so holly was just voted off
i liked holly better than sash or chase though
sash is freaking slimy
and a horrible liar.
& chase is indecisive and annoying
and a backstabber.
want fabio to win.


just finished watching final tribal council
and i found it so funny
especially dan and jane.
so it's looking like a split between fabio and chase.
i still think its fabio though.


i liked his long shaggy hair
though he does look cute with short hair
it brings out his blue eyes
he reminds me of chace crawford with his short hair


the votes are read
as i predicted it was a
split between fabio and chase
and for a second
i actually though chase won
because it was chase 4 fabio 2
and then it was so nail biting
it was tie chase 4 fabio 4
one vote left
thats sooo close
and the winner is:
yes yes yes yes yes!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

i'm not good at 'goodbyes'

tonight i had to say goodbye to a few people
who i probably won't see anymore
two of them because they are moving back to their home country
singapore & malaysia
which is sad,
and i've realised
i really suck at saying goodbyes
as in,
i have no idea what to say
and i just go quiet and awkward.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

warrigul mission

was pretty epic.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

and i'm off

be back next monday :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


just watch HARRY POTTER tonight
loved it ♥
though a bit puzzled at the number of friends i know that have neither read the books and are not up to date with the movies
that they would watch this latest one
because they were quite lost at some points

i must admit, i have been catching myself up with the movies
which i enjoy
though its a bit annoying that they can't add all of it into the movies
and some things, they changes a little bit
but i like watching anyway

(btw, if you have not seen the movie and/or read the books , you probably shouldn't read on. you have been warned.)

so, in the movie, it was a bit strange because i always pictured bill weasley with short hair
and being very neat and sleek and all
not some long haired, hippy-eque hair
and all the more because he was marrying fleur

also, i miss tonk's pink hair.

also, though i have read the books
i did forget who died and when.
and so it was sad when hedwig died
and mad-eye moody


my favourite quote of dobby's in the movie:
"Dobby never meant to kill, simply maim, or severely injure"
dooby was so cute
so sad when he died :(

can't wait til the next movie
but its in july

though it was a bit annoying that last movie they didnt have the scene where dumbledore talks about the horcruxes
because it did seem like the movie they were pretty aimless
at least in the book, they knew or had a inkling about what the horcruxes were
even though, they didn't know where they are

plus, harry and ginny were supposed the break up at the end of the last movie
which didn't happen.

i kind of want to read all the books again
but i also can't be bother because i know it'll take me agesss
maybe before the last movie then.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

i feel so sick right now, i want to cry :(
i've only had like 3 hours sleep
but i keep waking up in the middle of the night to cough out junk in my lungs
and i have to wait about an hour before doctors open

Friday, November 12, 2010

sorry for not being regularly back
(if that makes sense)
back regularly
(sounds better, i think)
i'm just been so busy
yet not busy at the same time.
i think i just like not doing anything in particular that have to do with deadlines
or HAVING to do something.
just chilaxing, ya'know.
at the same time i do actually have a lot to do
which i have not done
because i have not done anything this week
even though i did have a lot of spare time.

long story short, sorry for not posting again regularly.
i've been busy/lazy.

i really should go to bed now, work tomorrow
then CU ball afterwards

Thursday, November 11, 2010

survivor rant

(for those who actually care when i rant about survivor, which pretty much all of you don't, but i like ranting to nobody anyway)

marty from survivor is FINALLY eliminated
took them way too long to eliminate him
sash and brenda should have voted him out a looong time ago
the time they voted out kelly b.
but they dragged it out about another 4 weeks til they finally voted him out
and its not like they didn't have get the chance to.
though i do see the 'minority alliance' being the final 3 in the end
because they have 2 immunity idols
except i think that they might end up blindsiding brenda near the end
because she's a strong player
both strategically and physically
so i'm thinking it will probably be sash and naonka in the end
not sure about the third person
i do hope its brenda,
because i like her and i want her to win (though she did get a bit cocky this ep, but i put it down to editing)
but i have a hunch that it won't be.

naonka is annoying but fun to watch at the same time
as in she just acts like a bitch and i know say if i were on the island
she'd drive me nuts and i'd be so pissed off with her actions
but she makes good tv
and so i'm pretty sure she'll be in the final 3 because she's pissed a lot of people off
and so the other 2 are taking her because she won't win any jury votes
the problem i have with her
is that she justifies her actions by just saying 'that's just the way i am'
which is stupid
because that does not justify stealing food and being outright rude to people.

the other person i like, apart from brenda
is fabio (jud)
he's just so funny
though i think he acts a lot dumber than he is
i mean he knew about freud and the 10% conscious 90% subconcious stuff, he can't be that dumb
but at the same time
he's not super smart
as in he still puts his head in the fire and pees in the pool.
he's just soo funny to watch.

apart from them, the others are ok
i like kelly purple and chase.
holly's really weird, and i like jane but i don't want her to win.
and the others are just ok.

ok, finish rant for now.
til next episode.

Monday, November 8, 2010

the social network

so me and jacky went to watch 'the social network' today at the nova
side note: the nova's so damn cheap on mondays, we went before 4 and the tickets were only $6. originally i was expecting it to be $9. guess we'll be going to nova from now on :)
though, when we went into the theatre
there was surprisingly a lot of old people
and by old people i define it about 40 years and over
i think it was about 65% old people

ok, so 'the social network' was pretty good.
not as good as i expected, though i wasn't sure what to expect
but i'd heard a lot of reviews about how good it was and that increased my expectations of the movie
also, the very first scene when mark was talking to erica
i was a bit lost with all the colloquial talk
and both me and jacky were a bit confused
but we kind of got the jist
i also just discovered that the winklevoss twins were played by just one guy.
that's impressive editing
if i hadn't looked it up, i would have thought that the actually had twins to play the winklevoss twins
but then i knew i'd seen that guy before so i had to look it up
and yes i had seen him before, he was in gossip girl.
the movie was pretty good,
it was edited well, i liked the very last scene
but i felt like the whole movie ended a little abruptly as well.

after that me and jacky went to buy books at koorong for church
and i found it really fun looking for the books in the store
though jacky wanted to at first just get the people to help us
but i was like, nooooooo.
let's just say i really like doing scavenger hunts
so i wanted to do it myself.
we ended up buying 25 books, and only when i got home did i realise that we dobuled up n a book
not quite sure how it happened
and i can't return it
because i stamped it already.

i need to go to bed now,
need to wake up early to get to balwyn to a friends house
i decided that im going to take a 40 tram ride to his house
instead of taking a faster way but involves me having to get a zone 2 ticket.
yes, i am super broke right now.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

garden state

i watched garden state tonight
i had borrowed the dvd from the library a while ago
i quite enjoyed it
though at first it was a little draining and slow
though i do understand why it was that way
it was to reflect the numbness he felt
but still.
but natalie portman's character, sam, is so cute
though i thought that they dressed her a little too young
as in i felt like she was meant to be under 18 years old while in actual fact she was at least 21
but i understand why they did that too

my favourite scene was by far the scene where they are in garbage bags in the rain and yell
(see photo)
it was even more hilarious after they yell
when andrew and sam finally kiss/make out, and its so awkward because mark is standing next to them trying to look away
that make me laugh out loud.
its also funny because the guy who plays sheldon (from big bang theory) is in it
and he also plays a nerd character as well
though its brief

yep, i really quite liked the movie
i really like the idea of him being awakened to his emotions
and him no longer feeling numb.
thought the ending was a little predicatble
him coming back and getting off the plane
but, enjoyable movie nonetheless

Friday, November 5, 2010


so i finished exams today.
it so good to be free again.
i actually didn't go out like after my exam like i had planned
because i was super knackered and wanted to go home.
though when i got home i didn't end up sleeping anyway
and i decided to catch up on the episodes of survivor and antm i had missed.
i enjoy being free
i was like "i'm going to bake a cake."
and i did.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

just one more

can't wait til friday ,
summer here i come :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010


that is all.

Friday, October 22, 2010

summer, come already

i wish exams will be done with already
i'm so excited for the summer
mission & NTE will be awesome :)
plus roadtrip with meine lieblings
and then ASIA!
the only thing that would make it even more fantastically exciting
would be if i'm going to a summer music festival
which i'm not
because lineups are ok, but nothing i'm really excited about
plus i was mostly hedging my bets on laneway fest
i really do like the antlers and all
and some of the others
but not enough
plus noone wanted to come with me anyway.
i think i'd go if ladyhawke would be playing melb laneway
but apparently she's only playing NZ laneway.
BUT aside from that i'm hoping the bands do side shows
so i can go to them instead.
can't wait :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

asian family gathering awkwardness take 2

yes sorry.
i figure i'm just going to restart doing the everyday posts once i completely finish exams
which is on the 5th
and i'll aim to reach 300 posts in the year instead
though the thing is i do have quite a few blogs posts that have been started
but i never bothered to finished them
so i'll finish those and post those up too

but anyway so today i had to attend another family gathering
though this time it was awkward because i didn't know who the people were
that just visited from hong kong
apparently the guy and his wife is meant to be my cousin
but he's like 16 years older than me.
so yes.
its also awkward because asian adults make a fuss about everything
and i had to sit next to my mum.
i had my own dish but the rest of them shared
by rest of them, i mean adults
(my 8 y.o. and 10 y.o. cousins didn't share either)
and my mum kept offering some of my food for them (as in the visitors from hk) to try
because they don't really eat vietnamese food
not that i minded
but its just weird that she was offering my food for them to try
plus it was pork chop and i didn't have a knife
so it would have meant me trying to try and cut pieces of meat using a spoon.

another thing i HATE about having asian parents
having to say hi to people
not that i'm a snob or anything
but like my mum expects me to say
"hi aunty" or "hi uncle" to like everyone
or today "hi cousin"
and when i don't
(and i usually don't) she usually says i have no manners
and i witnessed the same thing today with my kid cousins
my aunty was like to them "did you say hi to your second aunty?"
its quite annoying
its not like i HAVE to say something verbally to acknowledge them
i usually smile at them anyway.
but no,
my mother is quite insistent.

yes, i'm not quite sure why my mum made me go today
i didnt exactly talk much
plus i was being antisocial
and was doing the sudoku in the mx.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


it was weird weather today
even though i was indoors the whole day
and it didn't really affect me anyway
(side note: i really like when it rains and i'm indoors and i can hear the rain falling outside, its a very comforting sound)
but there was thunder and lightning
and even though my blinds are closed
i could see the lightning seeping in through them
whenever it struck.

also, slightly off topic
why is it that when you get struck by lightning once, you are more likely to get struck again?
compared to someone who has never been struck
i find it really odd.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

anyone else find the 'places' app on facebook, and any other app like it, super stalkerish?

(yeah yeah, i'm massively behind. hopefully if i'm not struggling with time, i'll update. sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrry.)

Friday, October 1, 2010

sorry for the lack of posts
its been quite stressful and busy weeks
and probably will be for the next month.
i'll hopefully be back on track by next week,
but yes. sorry.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

assignments & more assignments #265

why do i always leave assignments to the day or the day before its due?
when i've technically had nearly a month holiday.
i have an assignment due at 5pm tmr
and the stupid thing is that its supposed to be monash's holiday week this week
and lecturers want us to go into uni and hand in the assignment in hardcopy
it would be soooo much more convenient for the approx 200 students to submit it online
but no
the lecturer have to favour themselves and force everyone to come in.

i also have an assignment due friday at 5pm,
but at least thats online.


Friday, September 24, 2010


far out
i think i'm sick again.
i woke up with a sore throat and congested
and i just feel so tired and run down today

in other news, i did my bible study
the turn out was small
so i had to give the answers more often then i'd like
but overall, it was ok.
i really like the way it was written
which was mainly written by heather
i just put it on paper.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


so, my hair is dying
i've had a couple of failed attempts
and probably dyed it too my in that past few days.
in my frustration.

i dislike having thick black hair
the colour doesn't change unless you have strong dye or bleach.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MATRIX (ish) #257

me & jacky went to ACMI at fed square today
this is one of the things we did
its like a ninja/kung fu kick
but matrix style
it's funny cos you can sort of see jacky in the doorway
it looks like i'm trying to kick him

jacky was being a party pooper and didn't want to do one.

i think i might go and dye my hair now
because i feel like it
and also i think my fringe looks too dark and heavy being black
hopefully, it will turn out ok

Monday, September 20, 2010

summer plansss #256

been listening to hot chip one life stand the whole day
love the album :)
i'm so glad i bought it last week
my favs are 'i feel better', 'thieves in the night' and 'one life stand'

also, i applied for a debit card finallyyyy
so i don't have to hassle my mum every time i want to buy concert tickets.
its more or less in anticipation for the summer and the summer music festivals
which i intend to go to :)
i'm so excited for the holidays.

also, i haven't really mentioned it here yet
but i finish my exams super early
on the 5th of nov
which is why i can sort of be excited already for the holidays
i can't wait.

also, i've resolved that i probably can't be bothered/won't look for another job for the summer
(unless they'll hire me with my low availability)
and sell all my clothes online instead
because i have A LOT of stuff to get rid of.
i also need to sell my mum's fish tank with a stand and canopy
because all the fish keep dying
and she can't be bothered to buy new fish and feed them every day anymore

damnit, summer come already.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

help! i'm alive #255

"i tremble
they're gonna eat me alive.
if i stumble,
they're gonna eat me alive.
can you hear my heart beating like a hammer?
beating like a hammer?
help! i'm alive.
my heart keeps beating like a hammer."

i've been listening to this song on repeat
metric - help, i'm alive
i finally bought the album today
at highpoint
whilst i was there with emma
who was looking for a job.
though she seemed to be hardly looking since she only dropped two resumes

but anyway.
need to studyyyyyyyy

Saturday, September 18, 2010


so, i think this is a sign i'm getting old.
i carry a small pillow with me every saturday
so that i can have a more comfortable sleep on the bus
and especially when its like 8am in the morning
i don't care who sees me.
and i've been doing this for 4 weeks now.

maybe i am getting old.

Friday, September 17, 2010


so today i was meant to be in the city by 1.30
because i was meant to lead a bible study
so i just missed my 12.48 train by about 30 seconds
and so i was forced to take the 1.08 train
which was delayed
because apparently there was some guy walking the tracks
and there was police there
so my train was delayed about 10 minutes
which result me getting to the bible study at 1.40
and super flustered and out of breath.

so, no i didn't end up leading the bible study
i have to do it next week.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


so i was watching this last night
not such a great idea since i was about to go to sleep
its a video from blackboxtv
a youtube channel with videos which explore darker themes than usual videos
i loved this video its really good
like super freaky at first but i really liked it.
also, i'll talk about it more
after you watch the video.
but watch it.
the whole thing.


i really liked the concept that the mum was the zombie trying to stop him from getting to the exit
which was actually death.
so it was actually his mum stopping him from dying.
but the zombies freaked me out though
especially watching it the first time when i didn't know what was going on.

in other news
hung out with emma for most of the day
twas fun.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

tv update #251

so i aim to watch new shows and plus my other shows are coming back

so top of my list is modern family
then maybe mad men, i shall give it another go. i saw the first ep of the first season, it was ok but wasn't something i wanted to continue to watch.

i need to catch up on big bang theory, and then watch new eps coming soon.
how i met your mother should be out next tuesday. yes!

also my trashy reality tv is also back.
that is, survivor and america's next top model.
also, i want to watch this season's amazing race because kevjumba and his dad is in it, and they're so funny.

i saw the first ep of season 15 of america;s next top model the other day
it was ok.
though it was stupid, they kept talking about how different everything is now.
it isn't really.
they just changed the prizes from the cover of Seventeen magazine to now the cover of Italian Vogue.
and they also changed the modelling agency (but it seems like they have been changing the agency a lot lately anyway).
but its not that different.
actually, its pretty the same.
though, this season i like all the quirky/weird girls.
the other chicks kind of bore me.
i like ann, though i swear i have seen her some place else before
because she seems so familiar.
or just that she reminds me of a lot of people.
i also like rhianna.
and esther.
but i was like 'my goodness'
when i found other that esther had like a size 30G bra cup size.
but she's so skinny.
and they're not fake.
(i think, because she doesn't seem like the type to have fake boobs. and she covers them completely most of the time)

also, i watched the season finale of true blood.
yes, i watched it, hong.
it was good for a while, but i don't think i'll end up watching next season.
i feel like now, they're stuck in a weird loop
the problems just keep piling up and nothing gets properly resolved.
it's actually getting quite annoying and predictable now.
especially with bill and sookie
its like they're mad in love, then bill does something kind of shifty, then sookie wants nothing to do with him, then they get back together and the cycle begins again.
also random comment.
though, it was probably not a wise thing to do, when bill accidentally drained too much of sookie's blood, sookie put it down as a trust issue. as in after, she was like i can't trust you anymore.
but its stupid, because it wasn't a trust issue. it was a survival issue, he was dying before she fed him, so i thought that didn't correlate properly.
also, sookie screams way too much.
and she screams so loud.
also, tara's mum creeps me out everytime i see her.
she always looks like she's possessed. or something.
last thing on true blood, though everything else is getting pretty annoying.
i really like jessica and hoyt. she's so pretty, and they make a cute couple.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

mediocre bad guys #250

"home is wherever we are if there's love here too."
listening to jack johnson
i love it how listening to him can make me instantly smile.
i was a bit sad though
because i can't go see him
at the end of the year because its on the last day of nte
but oh well.
i have heard him sound check before
i didn't see him
but i was at the botanical gardens once
and he was sound checking at sidney myer music bowl
awesome background music.

this also made me lol
how they made the new nano and shuffle
from here


i did quite a few things today

1. went to j&j's bible study. (j&j=jacky and john's) haha.

2. after that, i finally decided i probably should go to the doctor. i think because i'm pretty certain i need antibiotics, i finally went. also, i don't know if it was intentional, because if it was that's so dodgy. the pharmacy i went to didn't give me my repeats. i don't know if that was accidental, because if it wasn't that means i have to go back to that particular pharmacy to get my repeat if i need it. that's so dodgy.

3. ice cream. so whilst me and jacky were wandering the city, we decided we wanted icecream. & jacky had these vouchers for this new place on bourke st, passionflower. and so we were being naughty and decided to use the 2 for 1 voucher instead of the 50% off voucher. and got like a plate of strawberry chocolate pancakes and one of waffles with chocolate icecream. and the servings were HUGE. i felt like a pig. haha.

4. cd sale. so borders i think were trying to clear all their cds for some reason. it was all cds for $10 or 4 for $30. i was a bit annoyed i didn't have more money, because it meant i had to carefully select 4 only, because i could pretty much only use $30. sigh. i so could have spent more than that if i had more money. i bought mostly cds that i should already have and are completely my collection.

i bought:
-bat for lashes - fur & gold
-ladyhawke - ladyhawke
- jack johnson - brushfire fairy tales
- jack johnson - sleep through static

5. after that. at night i had leaders meeting for church and we spent quite a long time to figure out new names for the new service/group. ideas?

Sunday, September 12, 2010


i had cheese fondue again for the second time in three days
the first time was on friday for girls night
there was also chocolate fondue and apricot as well
today was for girls book club at tash's place
it was just cheese fondue
but we had cheesecake for dessert.

and for the record.
yes, i'm getting fat.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

#247 spufulupugus.

i love nicepeter.
he's awesome.
i like him more than mystery guitar man
simply because i appreciate his musicality more than MGMs editing
(though it is good, but it gets kind of old)
but yes, this is one of my fav songs of his.
its soo cute :)


Friday, September 10, 2010


so a few of you know I watch the SHAYTARDS vlogs every day pretty much
well, today shay announced something i thought was massively cool.
so some context, shay quite often throws his children in the air
and takes pictures of it
and there's this one pic taken a long time ago that caught the interest of James Blunt
and so, babytard is now on the cover of James Blunt's new album
how cool is that?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

feverrrr #245

felt really sick today
as in last night when i fell alseep i was freezing even though i had so many blankets on
and this morning i woke up sweating real bad
and during the day i'd bee sweating at random times
and felt really cold at random times
it was really bad.
i would have stayed home but i had lots of stuff to do today

- i went to see my supervisor, and he said my report was 'on its way', so i was pretty relieved. plus with a month still and have a while to refine it and make it much better

- i went to find emma afterwards, and we were going to get free food from melb uni but we decided to stay in rmit and i ended up testing her on her chinese for her test. our conversations were kind of funny, especially if you don't understand how chinese characters work because i'd be saying stuff like 'it's like a horse in a box.' or 'it has a heart at the bottom' or 'it has a car.' or 'it has a rice, a day and a cat?' and that word happened to mean ruined. so rice+day+cat=ruined. LOL

- then after that i met with Hon, to help me with the bible study i'm going to lead next week.

and after that i felt really tired and sick and went home
ate dinner and went to be at 7.40 and woke up again at 11.20 pm
and yes.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

#244 sleepy head

"there's a drumming noise inside my head
it starts when you're around.
i swear that you should hear it,
it makes such an almighty sound."
i love this pic of florence
i love the red hair contrasting with the blue cape/dress
she's mega awesome.

didn't really do much today
i woke up feeling quite sick
with the worst sore throat.
and feeling really run down
so i went back to bed,
ended up waking up at 2pm.
haha, whoops.
then i was studying a bit til 6
and i ended up napping again til 7.
double whoops.
so i have pretty much slept for the whole day.

also, managed to finish a full length draft of my report yesterday night
its not very good
but much better than the first draft
and i still have a month to improve it
yes, its totally a big weight lifted off my shoulders

p.s. finally updated my songs, pic & quote.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

#243 bluetooth

a funny incident happened involving me, daniela, leila, our mobiles & bluetooth
so leila was trying to send something to daniela via bluetooth
and for some reason it was working
(we figured later that it was the daniela's phone)
so they needed a middle man
so then we tried to send it from leila to me to daniela
which took a while but i managed to connect to leila
and it connected, very well.
my phone for some reason could find the list of every single file on her phone
which is pretty funny
and extremely stalker-ish.
we didn't manage to get the file to daniela in the end
because her bluetooth didn't work probably.

also, we found the picture left pretty funny.
dark fruit = leila
it's like the iphone was saying 'meh, its just leila. let's forget her.'

Monday, September 6, 2010

#242 clothesssssssss

narcissistic much?
so some guy i sort of know invited me to become a fan of their own fan page on facebook.
um, no.

but anyway,
today there was 50% off clothing at savers
so me and my mum got there at like 8am to go shop
it was really weird because i never ever get up that early except to go to work
but a funny thing happened
when my mum woke me up
i woke up so confused, because i forgot why i was waking it up so early
i was thinking 'what? i don't have work today. its not saturday is it?'
it took me about 30 seconds to remember
but yes, bought lots of stuff.
mainly dresses and tops.
and cardigans and blazers.
didn't get any jeans or pants or anything because i couldn't be bothered waiting for the change room
the line was way too long.
(i was trying on the rest of the stuff in front of mirror)
also, a kind of strange thing
i bought a lot of pink.
i don't usually buy pink, but i may have bit of a change of heart.
it was two salmon pink dresses
(i quite like salmon pink these days).
another soft pink dress
and a white/baby pink striped top.
amongst other clothes.

i have way too many clothes now though,
i don't even hang all my clothes on the rack in fear that the thing would snap
its already quite bent now.
but i just love shopping too much :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

#241 shady ladies


so today in the morning church service the sunday school kids sang for father's day
they were cute
except the older boys were a bit annoyed we made them wear streamers on their wrists
also, grace managed to make a clubbing/r&b song reference while we were practising
was pretty funny because no one else understood it
though we were in a fit of laughter.

afterwards, there was food
because its father's day.
its always the best food because all the adults bring a dish.
love it ♥

after that still, bri decided he wanted to go to essendon dfo
so me, emma & grace came along for the ride
haha, no.
we came along to shop.
so, i bought two pairs of boots
(which my mum will be funding for because she really wants me
to throw out my old ones)
as well as trying on many different sunnies/glasses with emma.
lol at the one with me in the red sunnies and theres the guy in the back :)
also the last one, i think i look like nelly yuki from gossip girl
what do you think?

Saturday, September 4, 2010


had work in the morning
same old.
though my boss was kind of fearing that we'd get flooded again
because there was heavy rain and flooding forecast for the weekend
but it was all good in the end.

also, went to jimmy's 21st
twas quite fun
i loved sonja, jean & karthika's speech/singing :)
it was soo cute.
also, the cupcakes were awesome.
(though it was technically a muffin with cheese icing.
i had a blueberry one,
it was very blueberrylicious.

Friday, September 3, 2010


sorry i have been out of action this week.
been stressed out as usual
this stupid research subject has been completely draining me
because when i do assignments or reports
i usually spend whole days on it
and because this is such a continual thing
sort of
it has been taking up most of my energy
this semester
even though 90% of the time spent for it
i'm not actually doing anything
i'm more or less stressing about what a hard task this is going to be

i'll be back on schedule (haha) next week.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

#238 double rainbow

in light of the bed intruder post
i'm loving this as well
i love the chorus for this song :)

this is the original

and then, windows live got him to do an ad.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


today i:
- was stressed about my report
- saw jacky
- did my report
- met up with emma
- stressed about my report
- went to bible study
- damn report

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

#236 bed intruder

love it ♥

Monday, August 30, 2010

#235 emmys

i quite liked the emmy's
i thought this glee opening was pretty funny :)
betty white is freaking hilarious.
& i'm loving tina fey in it.
and Nina Dobrev is so freaking skinny.
also Don Draper (Jon Hamm) was in it :)
(yes, i was prcrastinating and decided to watch the whole emmy's.)

side note: how different does he look not as don draper?
weird huh?

Sunday, August 29, 2010


twas quite funny today
none of the violinists played their violin today
the position was occupied by michelle instead
whilst i was singing
steph on cello
& emma on the drums.

i really need to get back to playing my guitar though
and its funny
because emma's dad has been asking whether i've been doing my guitar homework
and my homework being
to, well, practise.
so, no i haven't really been doing my homework.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

#233 perks of the job

i love free stuff
so today i got my free stuff from natio
because i did their online training
and i got quite a lot of stuff
i got a full size 'intensive moisturising day cream'
full size 'skin brightening face balm'
full size 'gentle face scrub'
sample size 'daily protection moisturiser'
an eye shadow sparkle dust' palette
a 'maximum curl waterproof mascara'
an 'ultra shiny fruit gloss' in passionfruit
and of course, a certificate.

amongst other things
this is one of may favourite things about this job
free stuff!

also, went to jono's 21st tonight at theapartment
it was ok, i enjoyed it
though most of my friends left pretty early
and i'm not a fan of making friends with people who already have groups
at least i enjoy my own company though.
but vick was totally chatted up by some guy on the d floor
which i thought was pretty funny.
i also really liked the cupcakes (left)
they looked good being lit up like that
though i think i was holding everyone up trying to take multiple photos of it.

Friday, August 27, 2010

#232 dearest mother;


i baked my mum a cake.
it's a strawberry baked cheesecake, but the base is actually sponge.
but since its under a layer of cheese, the sponge is a little condensed.
it doesn't look that good in the photo.
but i definitely tastes better than it looks.
we ate it just before and she loved it.
she said if i don't take any of it to work tmr
by the time i get home it would be all gone.

i also took her out to dinner in footscray
my mum wanted to go to lentil as anything
but jacky was calling me cheap
because technically you don't have to pay anything there
but it wasn't my fault, she said she wanted to go
though, i ended up taking her out for chinese
roast duck rice and crispy fried noodle

also, a funny thing that we always do
cos we're an asian family
and we always eat at that same place
we always never finish it and end up doggy bagging
and it'd be dinner for the next day.
but we've been going to that same restaurant for YEARS.
i would say over a course of 10 years
when it was in a different location.
though i know that say sonja's restaurant would hate doggy bagging
but since its a restaurant in footscray
(food is cheap, and the people who eat their are mostly cheap)
you kind of have to offer that service because heaps of asians go there
and if you don't, they go elsewhere.

anyhow, i also gave my mum a present
its a bath robe, but its really soft
and for some reason it took us ages to find one.
side note: why does myer not have soft bath robes? they were quite rough. not a single one. and david jones wasn't much better either. and they are the expensive stores. i ended up getting it from cotton on & it was super soft :)

i rate myself highly as a daughter.
i baked a cake, took her out to dinner and bought a present.
& i think that if i were a boy, i'd make a really good boyfriend.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


today, we went out for clara's birthday
we ate at this indian place in docklands
it was pretty good.
but the serving sizes for the mains were really small.
& a lot of the time i didn't know what i was eating.
though i must admit, its quite fun trying new things.

also, funny story.
so we were checking if any of the stuff had peanuts
since rowie is allergic
but none of them did
though they had nuts
but the boss was pretty anxious about it
because they had an incident with allergies recently.
and was telling her not to eat some of the dishes.
he also made the kitchen make a special chicken dish for her
even though she's only allergic to peanuts
& she was already eating everything else.
and plus its just a mild allergy.

also, we had cake :)
(i baked it)
didn't really take a picture of it
(so i cropped one)
but me, sonja and susan decorated the top with mini m&ms
we wrote
'we ♥ u'
if you can sort of see it.

twas quite fun.
i love catching up :)
& i ♥ these girls to bits.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

#230 i am not.

so yesterday
i was in the bathroom at melbourne central station
and this vietnamese lady asked me if i was vietnamese
i said 'no.'
then she said, 'do you know what time centre closes today?'
i said 'probably 6.'
then after a short while she goes, 'where are you from?'
'i'm australian.'
'no, where are you from?'
'i'm chinese.... from china.'
'are you vietnamese? you look vietnamese.'
'no. i'm chinese.'
'are you sure?'
'i'm not vietnamese.'

i got pretty annoyed that she was so insistent
to the point that i felt really offended.
and for the record, no i'm not vietnamese.
my mum was orn in vietnam, but she's chinese.
and my dad's born in china and he's chinese also.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

#229 scott pilgrim

i watched scott pilgrim vs. the world today
it was pretty funny
but really random.
one of the funniest and randomest bits was the vegan guy bit.
i like the comic book style of the movie
though it made it feel extra random.
and i thought the ending was a bit strange.
i also realised the movie star ex guy (ex #2) was the human torch in fantastic four
and the vegan ex guy (ex #3) was brandon routh from superman returns.
though it didn't really look like him.

in other news,
i went to the don carson talk today.
it was pretty good, i like his accent.
(he's canadian)
though i felt like he didn't completely flesh out what it meant to be born again via water and spirit. but i liked it regardless.

lol, i also realised my day was quite, erm, canadian.
becaue scott pilgrim is set in canada as well.

Monday, August 23, 2010


i got my hair cut today
it looks the same but slightly shorter
but now my hair is healthier at least
because i had an insane amount of split ends before the cut.

i also didn't end up going to don carson today.
was a bit tired.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

#227 detangle my tangles!

on friday, i did end up buying the freelance whales album
photo of them above
(i quite like the photo, its cute.)
i was pretty excited when i saw it on the shelf
i may have possibly have gone 'yesssssss!' aloud
when i was behind someone
the guy moved slightly.
he probably thought i was weird
or something.

also, because my hair gets really knotty
really often
i also had to buy a johnsons kids strawberry sensation no more tangles spray
funny how there aren't any detangling sprays for adults.
but oh well,
i like smelling like strawberries.

this whole week Don Carson will be speaking at Storey Hall (the green RMIT building, across from melbourne central)
so if you ever had ANY questions at all about christianity
please come :)
i'll be going all the nights
except thursday.

i'll just copy what it says on the CU website

Many people have questions about Christianity, life and faith and how it all fits together.

NOW…..during RMIT week 6…. there is a great opportunity to spend a night or 2….or 5, thinking through these issues.
Don Carson, an internationally renowned speaker, and author on all things Christian, is flying into Melbourne and is booked at RMIT’s very own Storey Hall for 5 nights of epic talks, slick music and decent dramatic performances.

Each night is different so come to one…..or come to all…AND bring your friends.

• Monday 23 August ~ How can we see God?
• Tuesday 24 August ~ How can we start over again?
• Wednesday25 August ~ How can God Have a Son?
• Thursday 26 August ~ How to get the best Bread in the World.
• Friday 27 August ~ How can I believe Jesus rose from the dead!

Whether you are just curious, or seriously sceptical, then this event is for you….AND ITS FREE!

23 – 27 August
Time: 7.00pm – 9.00 each night
Location: Storey Hall, 342 Swanston St, Melbourne

give me a buzz if any of you want to go ♥

Saturday, August 21, 2010

#226 election.

well pretty much everyone i'm talking to is split about the election
i would pefer it if julia gillard were prime minister
simply because i quite dislike tony abbott
and would absolutely hate it if he were prime minister.
it would be to me like george w. bush,
i feel like he'll probably lead this country backwards.
not that i like the redhead either.
but between the two options, i go for the red one.
(haha, red. as in ranga AND labor)

so apparently now, we are heading towards a hung vote.

the state of victoria, also looks pretty funny
because in the sea of labour and liberal seats
(& some national seats)
we have a green one
right in the middle.
go us!

p.s. updated my music, quote & photo of the week.

quote of the week:

"But God demonstrates his own for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8

top 5 songs of the week:
similar to last weeks list, but plus some not-so-recent favourite songs as well.

1. freelance whales - generator ^ first floor
2. we are scientists - rules don't stop (acoustic)
3. jonathan boulet - community service announcement
4. grizzly bear- about face
5. the xx - teardrops

photo of the week:
i love the light and the backdrop of this photo.
i also really like her dress :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

#225 hi!

(i look really asian in this photo. i think the guitar in the back saves me just that little though :) p.s. i'm holding my fringe down, if you're wondering)

actually, i've had a pretty shittay week
with the stupid assignment and all
and i stayed at home all week
except on wednesday
but even on wednesday i went home early for dinner
and i don't know
i think i've been in a very depressive mood this week
especially after that first draft for my research report
it was complete shit what i wrote, i tell you
i was in tears last night.
it was that shit.
i'm just hoping they'll at least pass me, so that i can pass this hurdle
i'm pretty sure they will, because then like there's no point it me doing the final report if i won't pass because of this stupid draft.
but at least now i can fix the super massive holes and pretty much anything that didn't make sense in it. which is most of it.
though i should work on it, so i can show something more decent to my supervisor next week.
but i think it would be easier now
because the problem with me is that starting of reports and writing
i alsway know what to start.
becasue now i have 1000 words to work with
or at least 500 words that could be useful, and it probably wouldn't be so hard.

i was pretty depressed this morning as well,
(or should i say midday/afternoon)
because i was alone most of the time.
though today i got much better at FAT (friday afternoon training)
and going to CU and to prayer night
i feel much better now.

on another note, i voted already today.
because i have work tmr.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

#224 daria alter egos

on more daria stuff
i really want the boxed set.
like really.
and i never want the dvds or boxed set for anything usually.

but anyway here are my favourite alter egos of the characters:
(the fashion club as the ramones; mystik spiral as the beatles; jane as david bowie; trent as elvis; trent as daria; daria as andy warhol; jesse as a game show host; joey, jeffy and jamie as the three musketeers; ms li as a soccer player; trent as peter pan; mr o'neill as little red riding hood; kevin as a hot air balloon; jodie as da vinci; tom as icarus; kevin as a zombie; mrs bennett as rudolf; mr o'neill as mr potato head; jake as leggo)