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i write about random things.
these days i write pretty sporatically.
sometimes i completely rave about something, like a tv show but sometimes i write pretty serious things.
i write in short phrases, i like the freedom of not having to write in proper punctuation and grammar.
i'm a christian. i also ♥ music, art, photography, movies, tv & books.

hope you enjoy ♥

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

and i'm off

be back next monday :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


just watch HARRY POTTER tonight
loved it ♥
though a bit puzzled at the number of friends i know that have neither read the books and are not up to date with the movies
that they would watch this latest one
because they were quite lost at some points

i must admit, i have been catching myself up with the movies
which i enjoy
though its a bit annoying that they can't add all of it into the movies
and some things, they changes a little bit
but i like watching anyway

(btw, if you have not seen the movie and/or read the books , you probably shouldn't read on. you have been warned.)

so, in the movie, it was a bit strange because i always pictured bill weasley with short hair
and being very neat and sleek and all
not some long haired, hippy-eque hair
and all the more because he was marrying fleur

also, i miss tonk's pink hair.

also, though i have read the books
i did forget who died and when.
and so it was sad when hedwig died
and mad-eye moody


my favourite quote of dobby's in the movie:
"Dobby never meant to kill, simply maim, or severely injure"
dooby was so cute
so sad when he died :(

can't wait til the next movie
but its in july

though it was a bit annoying that last movie they didnt have the scene where dumbledore talks about the horcruxes
because it did seem like the movie they were pretty aimless
at least in the book, they knew or had a inkling about what the horcruxes were
even though, they didn't know where they are

plus, harry and ginny were supposed the break up at the end of the last movie
which didn't happen.

i kind of want to read all the books again
but i also can't be bother because i know it'll take me agesss
maybe before the last movie then.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

i feel so sick right now, i want to cry :(
i've only had like 3 hours sleep
but i keep waking up in the middle of the night to cough out junk in my lungs
and i have to wait about an hour before doctors open

Friday, November 12, 2010

sorry for not being regularly back
(if that makes sense)
back regularly
(sounds better, i think)
i'm just been so busy
yet not busy at the same time.
i think i just like not doing anything in particular that have to do with deadlines
or HAVING to do something.
just chilaxing, ya'know.
at the same time i do actually have a lot to do
which i have not done
because i have not done anything this week
even though i did have a lot of spare time.

long story short, sorry for not posting again regularly.
i've been busy/lazy.

i really should go to bed now, work tomorrow
then CU ball afterwards

Thursday, November 11, 2010

survivor rant

(for those who actually care when i rant about survivor, which pretty much all of you don't, but i like ranting to nobody anyway)

marty from survivor is FINALLY eliminated
took them way too long to eliminate him
sash and brenda should have voted him out a looong time ago
the time they voted out kelly b.
but they dragged it out about another 4 weeks til they finally voted him out
and its not like they didn't have get the chance to.
though i do see the 'minority alliance' being the final 3 in the end
because they have 2 immunity idols
except i think that they might end up blindsiding brenda near the end
because she's a strong player
both strategically and physically
so i'm thinking it will probably be sash and naonka in the end
not sure about the third person
i do hope its brenda,
because i like her and i want her to win (though she did get a bit cocky this ep, but i put it down to editing)
but i have a hunch that it won't be.

naonka is annoying but fun to watch at the same time
as in she just acts like a bitch and i know say if i were on the island
she'd drive me nuts and i'd be so pissed off with her actions
but she makes good tv
and so i'm pretty sure she'll be in the final 3 because she's pissed a lot of people off
and so the other 2 are taking her because she won't win any jury votes
the problem i have with her
is that she justifies her actions by just saying 'that's just the way i am'
which is stupid
because that does not justify stealing food and being outright rude to people.

the other person i like, apart from brenda
is fabio (jud)
he's just so funny
though i think he acts a lot dumber than he is
i mean he knew about freud and the 10% conscious 90% subconcious stuff, he can't be that dumb
but at the same time
he's not super smart
as in he still puts his head in the fire and pees in the pool.
he's just soo funny to watch.

apart from them, the others are ok
i like kelly purple and chase.
holly's really weird, and i like jane but i don't want her to win.
and the others are just ok.

ok, finish rant for now.
til next episode.

Monday, November 8, 2010

the social network

so me and jacky went to watch 'the social network' today at the nova
side note: the nova's so damn cheap on mondays, we went before 4 and the tickets were only $6. originally i was expecting it to be $9. guess we'll be going to nova from now on :)
though, when we went into the theatre
there was surprisingly a lot of old people
and by old people i define it about 40 years and over
i think it was about 65% old people

ok, so 'the social network' was pretty good.
not as good as i expected, though i wasn't sure what to expect
but i'd heard a lot of reviews about how good it was and that increased my expectations of the movie
also, the very first scene when mark was talking to erica
i was a bit lost with all the colloquial talk
and both me and jacky were a bit confused
but we kind of got the jist
i also just discovered that the winklevoss twins were played by just one guy.
that's impressive editing
if i hadn't looked it up, i would have thought that the actually had twins to play the winklevoss twins
but then i knew i'd seen that guy before so i had to look it up
and yes i had seen him before, he was in gossip girl.
the movie was pretty good,
it was edited well, i liked the very last scene
but i felt like the whole movie ended a little abruptly as well.

after that me and jacky went to buy books at koorong for church
and i found it really fun looking for the books in the store
though jacky wanted to at first just get the people to help us
but i was like, nooooooo.
let's just say i really like doing scavenger hunts
so i wanted to do it myself.
we ended up buying 25 books, and only when i got home did i realise that we dobuled up n a book
not quite sure how it happened
and i can't return it
because i stamped it already.

i need to go to bed now,
need to wake up early to get to balwyn to a friends house
i decided that im going to take a 40 tram ride to his house
instead of taking a faster way but involves me having to get a zone 2 ticket.
yes, i am super broke right now.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

garden state

i watched garden state tonight
i had borrowed the dvd from the library a while ago
i quite enjoyed it
though at first it was a little draining and slow
though i do understand why it was that way
it was to reflect the numbness he felt
but still.
but natalie portman's character, sam, is so cute
though i thought that they dressed her a little too young
as in i felt like she was meant to be under 18 years old while in actual fact she was at least 21
but i understand why they did that too

my favourite scene was by far the scene where they are in garbage bags in the rain and yell
(see photo)
it was even more hilarious after they yell
when andrew and sam finally kiss/make out, and its so awkward because mark is standing next to them trying to look away
that make me laugh out loud.
its also funny because the guy who plays sheldon (from big bang theory) is in it
and he also plays a nerd character as well
though its brief

yep, i really quite liked the movie
i really like the idea of him being awakened to his emotions
and him no longer feeling numb.
thought the ending was a little predicatble
him coming back and getting off the plane
but, enjoyable movie nonetheless

Friday, November 5, 2010


so i finished exams today.
it so good to be free again.
i actually didn't go out like after my exam like i had planned
because i was super knackered and wanted to go home.
though when i got home i didn't end up sleeping anyway
and i decided to catch up on the episodes of survivor and antm i had missed.
i enjoy being free
i was like "i'm going to bake a cake."
and i did.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

just one more

can't wait til friday ,
summer here i come :)