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i write about random things.
these days i write pretty sporatically.
sometimes i completely rave about something, like a tv show but sometimes i write pretty serious things.
i write in short phrases, i like the freedom of not having to write in proper punctuation and grammar.
i'm a christian. i also ♥ music, art, photography, movies, tv & books.

hope you enjoy ♥

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ho Chi Minh Day 1

Greetings from Vietnam

So we flew from Melbourne to Kualar Lumpar
which was a long and grueling 8 hour flight
it was so difficult to sleep because it was so cramped even though i had taken some sleeping pills to help me fall asleep
it kind of worked
i slept in spurts of 2-4 hour blocks
then arriving to KL
which was super humid
even though it was only meant to be 25 degrees
we caught a connecting flight from KL to Ho Chi Minh
though not without a bit of stress because our Melb to KL flight was a little delayed
and so it was a bit hectic us trying to quickly check in to the next flight

the flight from KL to Ho Chi Minh was only 2 hours
so it wasn't too bad
though it felt time did go a bit slower
and then we arrived 10.10 am local time
got all our stuff and went to the hotel by taxi
and then the taxi driver tried to jib us
and succeeded because he was so annoying and insistent.
after settling in the hotel,
we went to the ben thanh markets
and tried to haggle for stuff
as well as doing some eating
didn't end up buying much
because i didn't exactly want to buy a fake handbag
nor did i want to try on clothes there and then

then we did a bit of wandering to find dinner
the place we went to was pretty good
it had really well cooked fish
and i also had the typical lemongrass grilled pork
though the lemongrass was so strong.
then we did some more wandering for dessert
and settled for french crepes with nutella
and well as a few drinks.

my first impressions of this place?
its damn humid
and the city is just SO busy
the traffic is CRAZY
there's like cars, taxis, motocycles and buses EVERYWHERE
its a bit too hectic for me to live here
but visiting is pretty interesting and fun
and ordering food by pointing and saying ONE
is pretty funny as well.
i also really like drinking from coconuts :)

anyway, i'm off now.

going to go see my aunty whom i have never met before tomorrow
and i have no idea where she is taking me
it was a bit awkward when i called her
she answered the phone in vietnamese
and i was all like 'err.... i'm your sister's daughter' in cantonese
but then it ended up ok.

also, i can't access facebook
so i guess i'll just have to update here.
i should be able to update during these few days
because there's free internet at the hotel


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

& i'm off

be back in a while.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

serious blog of epic proportions

let's just say i have A LOT to blog about
and so that's why i haven't blogged lately
because it seemed like a mountain of impending doom, if you will

#1 - i'm moving

exactly like this.

no, i lie
not exactly like this but yes, i am moving.

(side note: owls are cute.)
because well my mum ended up getting a job in campbellfield
so its way too far to drive from west footscray to campbellfield everyday
so we're moving

#2 - packing like crazy

so lately, i've been super busy because i've been packing
not just for moving
but also for asia
and also for CU student leaders camp tmr
so there's some serious deciding on what to pack and what to bring to where
and my room is a complete mess
another reason why i'm packing like crazy
is that
i have to have my room completely packed by tuesday
because that's when i'm going to asia
and we'll be moving
i get back.
and the fact that i don't know where i'll be moving to as well.

where to?
(i like this picture, very clever.)
no clue.
somewhere up north,
and because north is more expensive,
we might have to move into a one bedroom place
i don't mind too much
as long as the place is close to the station.

i don't like that i have to pull don't all the decorations in my room
i am looking forward to putting up new decorations in my new room.
i really want a dream catcher for my room
just because i think they're pretty.

#3 - work

so i'm currently jobless
i kind of had to quite because i'm moving and it would end up being too far from my work.
i had my last shift last saturday
and i went in yesterday to visit those i hadn't said bye to.
it was quite sad for me,
but quite relieved too.
sort of.
it's a bit strange being unemployed
when i have been employed for the last two years.
but oh well,
need to look for a new job
somewhere near my new house

#4 - asia

i'm going to vietnam,
hong kong,
& singapore
quite excited :)

#5- my birthday

which is coming up soon
is in slight jeopardy
because there so much happening before it
that have no time
or money
to organise it.
and i did want a 21st.
i don't want anything in a bar or a club though
because that ain't my thing.
i wanted like a garden party,
either that or in a park
but i have no idea a park or a garden.
yes, so that's the situation.

other lighter notes

#6 - we heart it
i really like this website: http://weheartit.com/
that's where all my images from this blog are from.

#7 - tv shows

so break down of shows i'm following at the moment are:
community - definitely my favourite show at the moment. i'll say it once and ill say it again, abed is SOOO funny.
the cape - i really like it, it's interesting. plus, i really liked the latest villain, dice. though her power didn't really make sense, you can't use quantum mechanics to predict the future. but we'll let it slide. i also really like how all the characters are multi-faceted. as in the villains and not just evil, there's much more behind it.
the bachelor - because i find it funny, and i find the reviews of the episodes from buddytv.com even funnier, i'm still deciding whether she's an actress plant for the show or she is really that crazy/scary.
how i met your mother - i particularly liked robin in the last episode at the funeral, hilarious.

i've also been meaning to catch up on modern family
but i haven't gotten around to it.
and i've also just started watching the Us remake of Being Human'
still deciding whether i want to continue watching it,
but its an interesting concept though.

love you long time.

ok, i think that's all i want to talk about
for now.

love you all ♥♥

paris would also be super nice.