hi! i'm als & this is my blog.

i write about random things.
these days i write pretty sporatically.
sometimes i completely rave about something, like a tv show but sometimes i write pretty serious things.
i write in short phrases, i like the freedom of not having to write in proper punctuation and grammar.
i'm a christian. i also ♥ music, art, photography, movies, tv & books.

hope you enjoy ♥

Friday, April 30, 2010

#114 twilight man

today at southern cross station
i saw
this late 20s maybe even early 30s
east asian (ie. indian/pakistani/bangladeshi) man
photo on it.
this same exact photo:

i won't even try and explain why i thought that was weird.
it should be self explanatory.

went to CU friday night social tonight
and had a movie night
we watched this 80s movie called Flying High
(also known as Airplane)
and it was really random
but funny
like things would happen
and i'd be like wth
but its hilarious at the same time
like random things like
putting a plane on 'autopilot' means a blow up doll pilot comes out and flies the plane
and having a drinking problem
was that he couldn't drink properly
instead he splashed the water on his face
random stuff like that.

also, reality tv update
america's next top model: yay, alasia's finalllyyyy out!
survivor: gah, candice why did you switch??
though smart move on russell's part
i'm hoping that something happens to split the villains
before all the heroes get voted out
cos i don't want a villain to win or candice now
so that leaves rupert and colby
but i don't think they'll win

bed now
work tmr.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

#113 iron man 2

me & jacky watched iron man 2 today
it was alright
like there was heaps of fight scenes
but i think the fight scenes were too short
and random dialogue/plot bits dragged on for too long

(probably stop here if you want to watch it and you don't want to know what happens
i'm not really spoiling, but just in case)

and also like the final fight scene between iron man & his mate vs the mickey rourke chracter
was way too short
and they beat him way too easily
like the scene ended in like a minute
also, cos i'm very nick-pick-y
there were a few inconsistencies i thought
especially the bit where scarlett johanson 'system rebooted' the guys suit
like, couldn't she just rebooted all the robots as well
since she hacked into the computer anyway
instead of iron man having to fight them all off
i guess it was for effect but anyway
when scarlett johanson goes and battles all the security guards
its stupid cos she just jumps on some of them
and they land unconscious on the floor
like seriously?
another thing, immediately after the final fight scene
it switched waayyyyyy too quickly to a romantic scene
it was like he just fought
then pepper and iron man bicker
and kiss
i felt it was a bit strange
i didn't have enough time to get over the fight scene yet.
and yes.
oh and the other thing
but then i guess its a movie,
as if you can go and make your own element
and as if he 'found' the element using the prototype/model his dad had
cos they looked nothing alike.

ok, i'm finished.
the movie was alright though
i liked the first one better.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


i'm re-starting to watch The Office again
not sure why i stopped
i stopped at the ep, where Jim pushed Michael into the pond
i think i got annoyed that Jim was becoming a bit different
now that he's manager and all
but i LOVE erin
she's currently my favourite
i think she's so funny

but yes, starting to rewatch
also, every single time i watch
i always get so angry
cos i'd be like
"michael, don't do that"
"gah, he did it."
and i always get so anxious about the consequences

also, i've only just realised
its so weird that in the show
pam's the one who takes risks
i mean you wouldn't tell from looking at her
but i mean she
1. walked on the coals, and told jim how she felt
2. she decided to pursure her dream of being an artist, and went to art school. even though she never completed her course.
3. she walked away from her job, just to join michael when he started his own company, even though he didn't know what he was doing.
odd thing that, because her personality doesn't show her to be a risk taker.

also, back to the erin thing
apart from me really liking her
i'm liking the thing between her and andy
i'm finding it really funny
that they're both just like little kids.

anyway, i'll hopefully be up to date with the season
within a week
i'm about 12 eps behind right now.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010


watched Kiss Ass tonight
with jacky
i quite liked it
well its in between liking it a lot
but not enough to say i loved it
but yes.
i loved Hit Girl
she's so bad ass
& i loved the end fight scene
as i said
Hit Girl is so bad ass.
also, just realised wher i had seen her from
cos she seemed so familiar
she was the guy's little sister
in (500) days of summer

though i thought it was a bit weird
having Nicolas Cage in it
and also that he was wearing a Batman-like suit
surely he could have come up with something better

the chick that Kick Ass had a crush on
ie. Katie
well, she's the chick from How I met your mother
as in
one of Ted's children

the boy is David Henrie
who's in Wizards of Waverly Palce
which is a disney show
about wizards that i love to watch
cos i like Selena Gomez
she's so funny.

shall go finishing updating other blogs now.
finally finished all my tests.
for now.

32 pp #110

funny story that happened last week
so i was in the library studying for my test
but i also needed some lecture notes printed off
so i wrote instructions for jacky to follow
to help print them for me
and the instructions i wrote to print it 8 pp (ie. per page)
and well the file is already 4 slides a page
jacky interpretted it as being 8 pages per page
(not 8 slides a page, so it would only be two pages per page)
and so he ended up printing 32 slides on one page
and he came back with it and showed me
i couldn't stop laughing.
cos the slides we tiny
and i asked him
how on earth was i going to be able to read that


Sunday, April 25, 2010

#109 in constant fear

so the other night
i saw a spider on the wall
and i tried to kill it
but i think it moved too fast
so i only got its legs
and it managed to run away
so well that night i went on a massive search for it
(when i say massive, i don't think it was really that massive, but it felt so in my head)
but couldn't find it
and kinda scared to sleep
i did contemplate sleeping on the couch for a while
but then i decided not too
since i went to bed a few hours later


i am convinced its still in my room somewhere
cos today i felt SPIDERWEBS next to my desk
and i'm pretty sure they're new spider webs


Saturday, April 24, 2010

#107 wolves


excuse me,
that i'm blogging late.

in a deperate situation
last night my comp got a virus
took me all night to fix it
and then my comp somehow did a systm restore
ALL my files got deleted
me desperately getting files back.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

wig lady #106

i have a few things to talk about today,
so here goes:

1. so today on the train
(which was delayed)
there was this lady
and at first glance
there's nothing wrong really
but then after observing her again
i realise there was something wrong with her hair
it looked like this
her hair was very
lets say
and all this one brown colour
it also is to be noted
that appart from her hair
she looked quite old
and after even closer inspection
i saw grey hairs underneath
and thats when i realised she was wearing A WIG!
which i found quite funny
cos i'd never seen anyone is real life trying to pull off an actual wig

2. i got results back from this midsem of a subject i'm repeating
and the test was pretty much the same as last years
and i studied beforehand
so how on earth did i do worse than i did last year
very depressed since i found out.
i hate this subject so much
i hate you, helen!!
(though it isn't just me, there's an 'un-appreciation' society for her on facebook)

3. on a brighter note
my scholarship got paid through

4. oh, and jiali
i watched masterchef today

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


last night,
i had the WORST nightmare
i've EVER had
actually to think about it
i've never really had any/many nightmares anyway
i mean reflecting back on what happened
it seems kinda stupid
but when you're dreaming it
the fact that it isn't reality never crosses your mind.
so i was at a train station
on the east side
i don't know, maybe richmond or something
it was night
and i remember the white lights in the station
then some things happened
which i have forgotten what exactly
next thing i remember that
there were these zombies/vampires
(in the dream, i though they were vampires, because they bit people & in the dream, i kept trying to cover my neck. but then after i woke, i realised they were more like zombies, as in the way they walked and looked)
and they're like the type in horror movies
attacking people and stuff
and here's me
stuck on the east side needing to get home
so i get on a train
and i realise there were these zombies on the train as well
and so there was me, geniunely afraid
& wanting to get off the next station
but there seemed to be more zombies in the station so i got back on the train
and i stayed next to this little girl
who was still human
but her mother was a zombie
and the scary thing is because
all this was set in a train
exactly what the train looks like in real life
and you have zombies walking down the eisles
and there's me hoping they won't come near me
and seriously, i was geniunely scared
and i woke up at this point
realising it wasn't real
but i was too scared to go back to sleep
even though i was so tired still.

so yes
that was really bad.
the worst i'd ever had.

more study now.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


surprisingly, i have not seen any masterchef yet
i mean i love the show
and knowing me
and how much reality tv i watch
its surprising.
but i guess its only been two eps so far
but you know i have tests and things
still another to study for
i have to listen to another 8 lectures
for my test on thursday

on another note
i really like packet soups
like i used to have them a lot
but i knew they are bad for me
cos of the insane amount of salt in them
but in times of stress/way-too-much-studying
they're the best

Monday, April 19, 2010


so i have a test tmr
so i'm going to sleep early
and wake up early
and go to uni early
to study for my test.

wish me luck :)

(on the test i mean, not the sleeping early bit) ;)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

hot mamas #102

i like my title ;)
watched this week's snl
with tina fey and j.beiber
and i would just like to say
this is a hot photo of tina fey

(yes i decided to update)
watched biggest loser finale tonight
and i can't believe a female won
i was like 'wow'
go lisa!
and i think that came as a surprise to most of them
because you know how they rank
the order in which you weigh in
the order you first to weigh in if they expect you to lose the least amount of weight
and last if they expect you to lose the most amount of weight
you know for suspense and stuff
well, they made her weigh in first
but none of the guys could beat her
girl power!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

webseriesss #101

so today i finally finished season 3 of The Guild
i love Felicia Day
she's so cute
especially when she said she was saying how she froze when she realised she was the last one standing
and acted like a rabbit
(sounds lame here, but you have to see it to understand)
and she's so pretty.
(i'm pretty sure i've mentioned how i find red heads are really pretty)
and Vork is also super hilarious
he says the funniest things with a super serious face

also, i watch a webseries called Compulsions
its sort of like Dexter in that the main character is a sadist
and takes enjoyment from harming people
i also love how they juxtapose him interrogating people
with his boring office job
where his friend talks about chicks
and he just photocopies stuff
there's also this accomplice/friend chick
they also compare her hard exterior with when she is with her boyfriend
and and
also, i love the IT chick
she's so pretty as well
as in they zoom into her face real up close
she has pretty lashes
i also really like her
cos she's also really intriguing
she stalks people
as in they zoom in on her face while she watches people
yet intriguing.
anyhow check out compulsions here
do it!!

also, while i'm at it
so you know how i LOVE to rant about survivor
even though probably no one who reads this watches it
well heres another rant
cos i like to rant.
how stupid are the people on survivor?
as if GIVE russell an immunity idol
like the three most stupid (in no real order) would be
tyson, for switching his vote & ultimately leadig him getting voted off
jerry, for switching to russell's side, because he's made the same promises with you to parvati and danielle
and guess who's been loyal to him from the start
so he was never going to take her to the final 3
and something that proves that
the week after she switched sides
guess who's closest ally gets voted off.
yeah, he's real loyal.
and the third stupid person is JT, cos 1. as if go find the immunity idol then get caught
2. as if give the immunity idol to russell, he is a villain for a reason.
the fourth most stupid would be russell
even though he's running the game right now
he believes any seed of doubt that gets planted in his head.
example, coach.
just cos sandra told him so.

another rant about another show.
america's next top model
i know i said this last week
but seriously
i get so pissed off watching her
and also
angelea, GAH so annoying.
ok, done.
damnit i want RAINA to win already.
she's totally the best out of all of them/

ok. done.

Friday, April 16, 2010

resolutions reflections #100

ein Hundert !

today was the hundredth day of the year
thats just a bit more than a quarter of the year done
or to be more exact 27% of the year's done
man, its gone by so quick.

(see my 2010 resolutions here)

actually this year has been really good
for myself at least
like i feel more positive about things
and feel i have better friendships this year
not saying the ones i had last year weren't good,
i mean it in a way that they've developed to better ones
and other good ones have started to form
& i feel like i'm a little more out of shell
and openly talk to people
& i thank God for it.
also, i feel i'm maturing as a christian much more
and actually feel more passionate about Christ
than i used to.

my other resolutions aren't going as well
ie. the EXERCISE one
haha, jiali. we still haven't joined the gym
and my room, well its currently quite clean
but thats cos last week i cleaned it
to avoid studying
but it was very messy before that
so that isn't going too well

though i do think i'm studying better
for sure
and it also helps that i'm repeating a subject
so i sort of know it already
and that next semester i'm only doing 3 subjects
so i'm glad about that

that reading bible and christian books
isn't going that great either
it's slightly better than it used to be
and since i'm going to more christian union things and bible studies
i am reading more bible and books
so i give that about a half

fruits and vegs? well not really.

and being 'better', i guess?

so i say thats about 3.5 out of 7, which is 50%
which is ok seeming they're resolutions
so yeah,
i'm dong pretty good
but room for improvement

ok, bed now.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

excuse me, while i go get my microscope #99

so i was studying at the library today
and there this guy who comes and sits at the table next to mine
a miscroscope
a full sized one as well
and he was looking into it and stuff
and writing what i assume is a lab report
but i'm thinking
is that even hygienic
and why could he not do it in the lab
as opposed to at the library
i found it very odd indeed.

also, i find it very rude if someone doesn't hold the door
even though you are directly behind them
like i don't mind if they're like more than 10 sec behind them
but letting the door close on someones face
when you know they're behind you
is just plain rude.
some asian chick did it to me today
actually, no, correction.
it wasn't even that
so she was behind me
and i opened the door
and was going to go through
and held the door for her
and she went first
like wth?

ok, bye

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Adventures in IKEA ! #98

so me and jacky decided to go to IKEA today
was quite a fun day.
bought a lamp for my room


also another funny thing was that
we kept seeing rooms that looked like rooms from how i met your mother
actually it was mainly bachelor pads
that look like barney's room
but we did see some things that looked like ted would have
i.e. the architect table thing
(the elevated one)

twas quite fun.
though actually i wasn't as big as i expected
obviously its a hella bigger than most places
its wasn't humunous
(you know?)
but yes. fun fun.

♥ #97

i know this is technically a day late
but its only by an hour

so yay!


more strokes #96

i'm blogging a day behind everyday

but um, guess what i got in the mail today!!


that's what i really like about ticketmaster
the tickets come so quickly
even though the events like 3 months away


kinda bummed though
cos quite a few of my friends wanted to go
and i was quite looking forward to going together
but some didn't get tickets
and poor lily bought the wrong tickets
so she has a seat
but by herself
so its just me and jacky now
oh well.
still excited

STROKES, woot!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


late yet again sorry.


if you ever go into big w or probably any department store
and they have their own radio station
yes, well i get thoroughly amused by
advertisments for novels.
they read it out so funny
like they try to convey as much suspense and emotion as possible into the voice as possible.
its like "the long awaited thriller by ____ "
in like a mysterious tone
i find it hilarous


Monday, April 12, 2010


(insert rant about how much i hate winter)

the end.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

soul sister #93

the singer/band
isn't a one hit wonder
he's a one hit per decade wonder
but seriously
what on earth happened after 'drops of jupiter'
10 years has past
and NOW he releases another album
how odd.

but yes, his song is freaking everywhere now
and it was stuck in my head the whole day during work

also, had a mad dash from work
i had to run to sth yarra station
take the train to city
and got off and richmond
getting a connecting service to box hill
then at box hill took a tram
got off the tram
and then had to walk for about 10 mins
to get to chongy's house
all this
in the dark.
actually yeah,
it did get a little freaky
especially walking the streets
cos well
they aren't particularly well lit.
but yes.

i like birthdays.

i like cake :)

octopus #92

i feel so jibbed
& i'll explain why.

well, my all time fav beatles album is 'abbey rd'
and it is for most people
but for fav song
for most people its the usual ones
like all you need is love or sgt pepper or hey jude
or whatever
but mine has always been
octopus' garden
i love that song.

but now i feel jibbed
because it doesn't seem that original
since summer in '500 days of summer'
says that her fav song too.
though most people don't remember that
i remember it
cos it bugged me when i saw it.

i do really like 'maxwell's silver hammer' and 'and your bird can sing'
i have many other favs
but yes.
i feel jibbed.
but then like
i KNOW i'm such a music snob
i dislike stuff once its more popular
ie. turns mainstream
i don't know
i'm just like that
i feel this sense of entitlement
like well, i go to all this effort to listen to new bands
but once they go mainstream
well, just anyone can hear it
and like well they didn't go to so much effort to choose what they listen to
hence, feeling of sense of entitlement
but yes
in conclusion, i'm a music snob
and i know it.

so sue me.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

you only live once #91


just bought my tickets off presale
i find that everytime i buy tickets to something i really want to go to
i get SOO stressed out
like even after i bought i checked the details again
so i had a mini freak out that i accidentally bought seating area tix
as opposed to standing area
but i didn't
because i rechecked.


yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


i find this cute
i found it on the wall outside of one of the bakeries we went to yesterday
thought i'd post it

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

josh thomas !! #89

went to see his show 'surprise' tonight
he's so freaking adorable
and funny
the show was about him coming out
and about his relationship with his boyfriend tom ballard
i really enjoyed it
& laughed most of the show
i kinda want to see it again
cos i really loved it

went on a bakery tour today
with rowie, clara & jiali
i quite enjoyed it
except for the fact that well
we seemed to get really full really quickly
and in retrospect
it didn't look like we ate that much
but we were absolutely stuffed
my favs were probably the french toast and the vanilla slice

Monday, April 5, 2010

questions questions questions #87

my mum asks too many questions
as it she does it in a mothery way
do you want this for dinner or this?
do you want to bring this for lunch tmr?
do you want to bring a banana to work?
this happens like EVERYDAY.
its very annoying
and like she thinks it would be beneficial to me
but she just makes everything more stressful
especially the times when i'm uber stressed out
and she asks all these questions
and i'd be like i don't know, i don't care



had quite an eventful day
in the morning
i woke up at 7 am
cos i had a really bad sore throat that woke me up
and i felt sick
went back to bed and woke up at 11am
i went to buy sore throat gargle in foots
then got on a train to go to the city
on the train
some lady asked everyone if the had change
EVERYONE refused her
yet when she walked past again
she specifically said to me
"i know you have money, you're eating"
like wtf
as if i was going to give it to you anyway
and i'm pretty sure most people in that carriage had money
just that no one wanted to give it to her
so its not like i was the only one

at around four
after i'd finished studying in the library
well i was shopping for stuff
and got on a tram
and well
don't you just hate it when you see someone
and they look really familiar
but you just don't remember
yes, well that happened
some guy got on the tram with his mates
and i saw him and i couldn't remember where from
and the problem was
i remember talking to him
as in actually conversing
but he saw me as well
there was a look of recognition
but i'm not sure if he remembers me either
so yes
i sat on the whole tram ride
with a disapproval frown
because i couldn't remember
and the thing is
i remembered near the end of the tram ride
and well, it was too awkward to say hi or anything anymore

then i went to clegs
cos it was 20% off
and i bought lots of felt
and decided that i was going to try to make some brooches

then when i got off the bus
i went to sims
to look for something in particular
and ended up walking in then out
cos i couldn't find it
then the check out chick had a very accusing look on her face
and asked to check my bag
but seriously i walked in and out in 2 mins
obviously i didn't steal anything
but yes.

after that went home
convinced my mum to drive me to coles to buy something
had a fight in the car
you know about uni stuff
she got pissed off and turned around
so i got off and decided to walk there
went there to buy a 12 L water thing with a tap
(all i wanted was a plastic jug with a tap,
but i searched for it all day and couldn't find it
so i resorted to this)
and well obviously i can't carry 12L for very long
so i went outside and emptied
a lot of the water into the bushes
so it was lighter
then sat at the bus stop for like 40 mins
because it was a sunday timetable
and by this time it was pitch black
and got home at like 7.30
(we left the house at 6)

the end.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

kickapoo // my reality tv rant/update #85

lol, this was one of the funniest things of the day
whats even funnier about this is that its called 'joy juice'
which sounds odd/wrong. hmm.
i went out to dinner with my high school train buddies
and well, we tried that soft drink.
kinda tastes like mountain dew.
but also, we look like such weirdos
cos all of us were taking photos of it.
cos it was hilarious

anyhow, oh been watch survivor: heroes vs villains
glad that the heroes are winning now
as in is now, 5 heroes and 7 villains as opposed to having like 4 vs 8 or something
but i'm so annoyed that rob got voted out
like seriously
gah, Russell is sooo annoying
and i can't believe Jerri sided with Russell
cos obviously he's lying to her
he's made the same promise with like 3 other people
she seemed so easily persuaded
it was so strange

also, been watching the new season of America's Next Top Model
and like this season
apart from like a few of them
they are ALL annoying
but the most annoying of all are:
she's so friggin immature, like she'll be yelling at people for not treating her with respect but she doesn't treat them with respect in the first place, she annoys me so bad. but she keeps getting good photos. grr.
v. annoying. she complains about everything. EVERYTHING.
also very annoying too, and like especially cos well, all of them you look at them and go ok yeah, she looks like a model or model-esque but with her she looks like a 30 yr old mother or a plain jane/girl next door. and she keeps going on about how she's a mother and everything. and makes excuses for everything.
though i thought angelea would annoy the hell out of me
she's not so bad anymore
i gues because the others are so much worse
but my favs
i want her to win
she's just has that look, like she's so hot and model-esque
and takes good photos every week
but my other fav is Jessica
cos she's so sweet and pretty
but i guess not very high fashion
she seems more catalogue model
but i like her
and i guess i kinda like Alexandra and Tatiana
but the rest annoy the hell out of me.

thats all for now


Friday, April 2, 2010

GOOD friday #93

well today i didn't do much
do much
as in
do much easter stuff
went to a friend's housewarming/daughters first birthday
celebration thing
then hung around til 11pm

but um,
well, i guess i'll do my little spiel on easter
easter, now, like christmas
is ALL just commericalised
and lost ALL meaning
pretty much all
i mean
there was no eggs
or bunnies
when Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins
there was no chocolate
no easter eggs hunts
and like
now it seems for others
to be a perfect excuse for a long weekend
the same way i feel about christmas now
its just all commercialised
and people use it to profit from others
which i dislike.
i mean, for both i get why we had those celebrations to begin with
to ACTUALLY appreciate what it is for
but it saddens me deeply now
that no one cares what it is for anymore.

i mean another non Christian example
would be labour day
no one really knows why we have that holiday
the holiday there to for us to appreciate that we don't have to work long hours anymore
as in, we no longer have to work longer than 8 hrs a day
it is sad.
society shows no appreciation and just, well, TAKES.

its sad.

anyhow, i hope most of you read this whole thing right through
because, well. its the hard truth
we're in a selfish society
that takes, doesn't appreciate and doesn't give.

the end.

p.s. sorry, that this post was a bit deeper, than my normal random rantings. but some things need to be said.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

mad easter rush #91

it felt like everyone was in a mad easter rush
like seriously
everyone seemed so frantic
that nothing is opened tmr

like at 1 o'clock
the traffic on commercial rd
leaving the city was insane
like normally it only takes a couple of minutes for the bus to get down it
it took 15 mins
and thats cos i got off a stop earlier
and walked

and like bakers delight
i've ever seen them
like they had those crates outside
about 15 of the stacked
empty outside
i assume outside
cos there was no room inside
and like
usually they bake in the morning for the whole day
and then leave
but at like 2 or 3pm
i could see them still baking

and like i went to the post office
the line was really long
it spanned one end of the store right to the otherside
which was the door
lets say it was about a 20-30 person line

good for business though.
i guess.

happy easter
well, yes.
even though, i feel it has lost pretty much all meaning in this society
but i'll expand on that later.


stresshead #90

sorry being slack these days
i think i'm stressing myself out
because i really want to catch up on uni work
and well
the stressing is doing more bad than good
& i get stressed out quite easily
i think about things a lot
and thus stress

if i'm not sure that everything is good for the next day
as in i've packed my bag
and sometimes even choose my clothes
so i dont have to do it in the morning
and sometimes when i go to sleep
and i remember that i didnt put something in my bag
i actually have to get up
and put that thing in my bag
cos i stress out that i will forget the next day
if i don't do that,
then i can't sleep.


so excuse me,
if i am a bit late with posts.
and sometimes i leave the post blank to fill in later
cos i can't think of anything to write
or i'm just either too tired or too lazy.
but bear with me

(that bare looks weird there, is it bear or bare? damnit. cos bare with me, looks weird too. the second bare, sounds like some nakedness going on. but the first, well as in grizzly bear. hmm.)