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sometimes i completely rave about something, like a tv show but sometimes i write pretty serious things.
i write in short phrases, i like the freedom of not having to write in proper punctuation and grammar.
i'm a christian. i also ♥ music, art, photography, movies, tv & books.

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

battle scars #205

i kind of didn't want to post for today yet
because i want everyone to read my epic post about the Strokes
so go read below if you have not
go! go! go!


so if you have read it
then you would know i was quite battered and bruised from it
here listed are my battle wounds:

bruise on my left hip:
it actually looks better in the photo
than it actually is.
imagine the dark pink bits
well, theres bits of purple in it.
and the whole area has a tinge of purple/blue/brown.
finished imagining?
yeah, that's how it actually looks.

random dot bruises on my knees
funnily enough, they're the same shapes as the cut outs from the barrier in front of me.
which makes sense
and explains how i got them in the first place.

i also have a friction burn on my right wrist, which hurts to touch
and also my chest hurts, especially on the left side.

i told you the crowd was brutal.

Friday, July 30, 2010


i clearly am not actually posting on this actual day
since i got home at 1.30am
but since i need to keep the 'one post every day' thing
i'll have to back track.

so, me & emma saw the STROKES
at festival hall
and well, we weren't planning to get there as early as we
actually did
its just that i took the bus to the city at around 4
and my bus passes the venue
and i saw people there waiting already.
so i freaked out, & called emma.
& didn't go to friday afternoon training like i was going to
so that we could go sit at the door.
so after rushing around mc to get our supplies.
ie. dinner, random snacks & taking our last bathroom break before we go there
we ended up getting there around 4.45
and sat down at door 11.
and we were second at our door
well there was a couple, and then us.
and we sat & waited
& ate
& took photos
& waited.

well, at about 7 we finally got up & was let in.
not before they told us that cameras weren't allowed though, which was very sad for me.
and also, emma had to 'cloakroom' her bag.
which took agesss, because she kept having to go back and forwards because she forgot things. and i had to let a couple of people in front of me.

luckily, it was not detrimental
because i managed to obtain a floor spot in the front row
next to the couple that was at the same door as us
and this guy that emma manage to befriend during the course of the concert.
and we waited quite a while, til we were forced to get up
and everyone RAN to the barriers.
and me and emma still managed to keep our front row position along the barrier.

then Gypsy & the Cat came out
i was glad i did listen to some of their songs beforehand
because i knew them when they were playing.
they were pretty good.
& the drummer was awesome.
seriously, emma described it as being orgasmic for him.
lets just say, just by looking at him you wouldn't think he was just playing drums at a concert.
& the bassist, was just this afro guy.
and he was just like chilling.
which was pretty funny,
especially compared to the drummer.
and i also liked the lead singer :)
i didn't manage to get photos of them
because the security guy was standing right in front of me
so i didn't want to get caught and everything.

after Gypsy & the Cat, there was more waiting
since they had to remove drum kits and set up
and there were these sparkly drum sets.
and i didn't think much of it
because i thought there was only going to be one support act.
but the lights dimmed again

and much to my surprise it was 'the Like'
(surprise because i read somewhere that they weren't supporting the Strokes for melbourne. just for sydney)
and odd too, because i used to listen to them
i have a couple songs from their album 'Are you thinking what I'm thinking?'
but the stuff they have out now
or what i heard is that they've gone more chick rock
more like The Donnas now.
i really like the chick who played keyboard
she had the cutest hair.
also, during their performance
some of The Strokes were watching them from the side

after the Like, more waiting.
then the beginning of 'We Will Rock You' stand playing
and the enslaught began.
everyone went nuts and lots of pushing.
and being in the front row, I was being pushed into the barrier in front of me.
I was in pain a lot of the time because of the pushing
a few of the times, I felt my lungs getting squashed
and the thing is it didn't alleviate during the course of the concert
it just kept going
to the point where people in the middle of it
wanted to get pulled out to safety by the security guards.
and some people even had their arms completely around me
as in, for a few songs when they clapped
they clapped right in front of my face
at least i think it was a chick though.
and then there was a point, this other chick shoved past me
and managed to squeeze into the front row
and she was fully shoving me
i was very pissed off
i tried to elbow her.
and kick other peoples legs away.
it was brutal.
the most brutal concert i've ever been actually.
at points, i felt a little violated.
but that aside, it was a pretty good concert.
though i would have enjoyed it a lot more,
if i wasn't in pain a lot of the time.

so, to the actual band now.
i was standing directly in front of Nick the whole time,
who was massively awesome at guitar.
and was always my favourite member.
and he truly cemented his position as my fav member by his awesome guitar skills.
truly amazing

& i think nikolai fraiture is now my second fav
he was so cute
just like calmly playing his bass.
he looked like he was just chilling, you know?
and he was dressed cute.

albert hammond, jr. was a cool cat in a white suit
i thought he held his guitar funny.
i felt like he was kind of holding it like a ukulele

julian casablancas was pretty awesome too
being all cool, in his sunnies
and he had like a green streak in his hair
which i thought looked funny.

& i didn't quite get a good pic of fab though
i was limited by the capacity of my phone
which isnt very good at all.
but obviously fab had awesome drumming.
(i was tempted to say he had fab drumming, but that's just wrong to say. haha.)

though i did manage to get a lot of pics using my phone
(at this point the security guards weren't worried about the photos anymore. but more or less, people not dying in the mob)
but i realise now that i was taking them in the wrong mode
so 80% of them are too small or pixelated.

here's the set list as well:
i keyed it into my phone while they were playing
so i'd remember

New York City Cops
The Modern Age
Hard to Explain
What Ever Happened?
You Only Live Once
Is this it
Vision of Division
I Can't Win
Last Nite

Under Control
Heart in a Cage
Take it or Leave it

i was so glad they played 'Heart in a Cage'
i went a little bit nuts
(not that crazy though, because i couldn't, due to being squashed to oblivion)
as i mentioned before, Nick was freaking awesome in Heart in a Cage & the other songs with crazy guitar solos.
and i'm also glad that they played 'Is this it'
but bummed they didn't play 'The End has No End'
and i felt that ending with 'Take it or Leave it' was a weird choice
i would have expected it to be 'You only live once' or 'Reptilia' or something
it was also strange they didn't play '12.51'

but it was still a pretty awesome night
despite the pain.
i think it probably rates as my second or third favourite show ever
not sure which one
but if i wasn't in pain, and the crowd weren't so crazy
it might even have come first
and so Yeah Yeah Yeahs is still my fav show
because i was still in the 2nd row & i could go nuts & i touched karen o :)

but it was pretty EPIC.
and i mean, the Strokes was my ultimate
the ONE show i wanted to go.
so it was a pretty amazing experience for me.

more about what happened: here

Thursday, July 29, 2010


i went to savers today
its been a while since i've been there.
but i bought a pair of shoes
it is made of brown canvas and has a low heel
quite like them.
also bought a top
and another used film camera to add to my collection
because i'm collecting them.

quite excited about tmr night

p.s. i shall alter my quote of the week and music list
& the music list shall be in honour of the strokes
thus i'm compiling a fav strokes song list :)


i'm seeing the strokes in concert tmr
so this is a strokes-dedicated list.

1. the strokes - the end has no end room on fire
2. the strokes - heart in a cage first impressions of earth
3. the strokes - is this it is this it
4. the strokes - automatic stop room on fire
5. the strokes - you only live once first impressions of earth
6. the strokes - reptilia room on fire
7. the strokes - what ever happened? room on fire
8. the strokes - last nite is this is
9. the strokes & regina spektor - modern girls & old fashioned men
10. the strokes - 12:51 room on fire

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


i had a terrible nightmare yesterday
i dreamt that i completely slept through the strokes concert
as in i completely missed it because i was still at home sleeping
luckily it was just a nightmare.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

gypsy & the cat #202

still not over inception yet.

been listening to Gypsy & the Cat
they're pretty good
a Melbourne duo that have been compared to Empire of the Sun
i can definitely see why
they do kind of sound like them
but less upbeat, and less electro (i think)
but their sounds are richer.
there's something a bit more there, a bit more depth perhaps?
also, in Til tomorrow the lead singer sounds a bit like Liam Gallagher (Oasis) singing Wonderwall
they'll be playing as support acts on friday for The Strokes
which i am uber excited about :)
i also like it when i like the support
because there hasn't been that many times where i've quite liked the support as well as the band
its usually me having to sit through the support to wait for the main act.
but yes, they're pretty good.
but there's another band that they sound like
but i just can't put my finger on it

Monday, July 26, 2010


man, it was good.
i really want to see it again, to pick up the details that i probably missed the first time.
and i have a
new crush now.
along with alexander skarsgard.
joseph gordon-levitt is cute :)
i loved the moment (which was one of very few light moments in the movie) where he was like
"gimme a kiss."
haha, cute :)

anyway, if you are going to watch it
(& yes, i highly recommend you watch it)
stop reading here


what i have gathered from doing some extra reading and thinking about it:

some sites i have gathered from include these: #1 #2 #3

interesting facts:
- Ariadne is named after a the mythical Ariadne who helped Theseus escape from the Minotaur's labyrinth read more here. there is the obvious connect here, with the mazes and you can see most traditional labyrinths are circular, like the one she drew in the movie
- Mal in latin means evil, i also read somewhere that it might have meant unfortunate, which makes sense with her convinced that she is still in dream state and tragically commits suicide because of this.

my take on the ending:
it is obvious that the director wanted us to be left hanging and we can choose which ending we wanted for cobb.
for those who don't want to think as much, or want a happy ending, you can choose to believe that he woke up back into reality, and that the top totem would eventually stop spinning.
and there are other evidence that might support this theory:
when cobb is in reality he does not wear a wedding ring, however in his subconscious he does wear a wedding ring. in the last scene, he does not have a wedding ring on.
it is also damn well possible that he woke up on the plane, then went through the airport and back to his children. Saito seems to be powerful enough to deliver on his promise.
the totem also looks like it might stop spinning, but then again it has spun much longer than any other times when he is in reality.

so the other option is that, cobb is still in a dream in the last scene, probably in a limbo.
because 1. as mentioned the totem has spun for a long time, much longer than any time in reality
2. his children look exactly the same throughout the movie, wearing exactly the same clothes as in his last memory of them. but we know that quite a while as past since he has seen his children and so they must have aged if in fact he did get to see his children again. (though however, if you check on IMDB there are two sets of children who play the kids, so perhaps they did age and the fact that they are wearing the same clothes is messing with our minds. also, someone else notices that their shoes are different to previous visions of them in the film, but one might still question why the kids look the same despite the different shoes. since the different shoes may just be a slightly different projection as it has been a long time since he has seen his children, but the projection is largely the same)

Claire Geare...Phillipa (3 years)
Magnus Nolan...James (20 months)

Taylor Geare...Phillipa (5 years)
Johnathan Geare...James (3 years)

3. we do not see cobb go through each dream levels, but he wakes up on the plane. this is strange because for all the other characters, the each woke up from each level before they came back into reality.
4. also, when he does wake up there is no dialogue and everything around him seems like a blur. also, everyone is sort of smiling at him, and everything is happening as he would have expected it to, thus it seems like cobb is filling his dream with his projections of reality and how he would expect it to be in real life.
but the question with this theory is that, if he is at the end in another limbo state, how did he get there?
and the other thing is that since when has he been in a dream? from the beginning? from the plane?
I thought this was an interesting observation to support the possibility that he has been dreaming all along: (taken from: here)

Directors drop visual hints as to their main character’s true nature all the time. Remember the scene when Dom looks into the mirrors with Ariadne and we see that endlessly repeating image of him? That’s Dom’s reality. He’s lost within all of these dreamworlds and he doesn’t know where he is.

Mal keeps appearing in every one of Dom’s dreams to break them up. If this interpretation of “Inception” is correct, then Mal is not a projection of his guilt, but a protector. An angel of sorts. She is part of Dom’s subconscious, yes, but she’s there to help him wake up, even if he thinks he doesn’t want to. She is trying to provide that kickback for him.

This interpretation is supported by another Nolan-dropped clue. There was a scene with Ariadne where Dom joked something about “Why would you want to wake up?”
i thought that was pretty interesting, especially with the mirrors that i had never thought about til now.
i also like the thing about mal being protector of his dreams, kind of like how fischer had his security to protect him as well. it does make sense, kind of. except for the fact that in the second scene if mal was protector of his dreams, why would mal be talking to saito, instead of killing him?

in my mind, i think these are the two possible endings: he is in reality, or he is in a dream state at the end. but there are some more theories here.

but in the end, no matter which theory, he is no longer paranoid about whether he is in reality or not, since he walks away from the totem before he truly knows whether he is in a dream state or reality. but throughout the movie he constantly checks, with a gun in his hand whether he is still in a dream, as if he was still in a dream, he'd shoot himself to come out of it.
but in the last scene, he simply doesn't care because he is satisfied with this 'reality' where he can be with his kids.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

funny mommy #200


i know i spelt mommy the american way
but i didn't want it to be spelt mummy
like the ones in tombs
because i am actually referring to my mum
not embalmed dead people.
and i wanted it to rhyme with funny

but yes,
emma came over today
and the funniest thing happened
well me and emma were playing like guess who and cards
whist on my bed
and we started playing big two
so i got my mum to play with us

i also must add
that for those who have not met my mother
she just looks and dresses like a normal asian mother

and its pretty funny
because i know plenty of parents
who get all caught up about cleanliness in the house
like you can't eat in your room
or on the couch
or whatever
but my mum's very laid back about this
she eats whilst in her own bed

and so there she was in front of emma
eating chocolate
and leaving chocolate crumbs all over my bed

and then
whilst we were playing big two
in front of emma,
my dearest mother,
let one rip!


and it was very loud as well.
and emma was absolutely hysterical

Saturday, July 24, 2010

workstuffs #199

so a lot of you know
i always work on saturdays
(pretty much always)
and i used to do the 10-6 shift
but now my boss has wanted me to do the 9-5 shift
because it gets pretty dark at 6 and stuff

but the weird thing is that
though i'm working the same amount of hours
as when i'm working 10-6
9 til 5 goes so much quicker
which i definitely love.
i think because after i get back from lunch
its usually around 2
and i only have 3 hours left
and i have already been at work for 5 hours.
yes, i quite like this shift much better.

Friday, July 23, 2010


sorry about not being on time with posts and everything
just been feeling very run down
and have not completely got better from my sickness
and also, need to get back into the habit of uni
and study and everything
bear with me, please :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

creepy woody #197

go to link
and listen to the audio

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


so i just found out what my research project report will be
along with which supervisor i have
and the topic is: What key properties, that can be calculated from a molecular dynamics simulation, can be used to determine the phase(s) present within a liquid?
Find examples of their utilisation in the primary literature to illustrate their validity.
i know they said that it would be specific
but like
how specific is this
i don't even know what i'm supposed to do with something like this.
i hardly know what the sentence means.

i'm also supposed to meet with the supervisor tmr
but i've only been told who it is
but i have no idea where they are
i hope i don't make a fool of myself
because i have no idea what i'm doing

ok bye.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

:( uni #195

first day of uni of the semester today
i skipped the first two lectures
because i was still at clara's
and still uber tired
i had to endure some bs class for two hours
when she could have given us the lecture notes
instead of slowly frying our brains
but anyway.

i also bought tegan and sara's sainthood yesterday
because it was $15
i've only listened to it a couple times
it's ok so far.
though, i might need to listen to it a bit more to get into it.

this is also a uber cute version of them singing 'alligator'
daniela sent it to me
they changed the lyrics :)
so cute.


Monday, July 19, 2010

endless pit #194

people have described my bag as an endless pit
i think i agree

today because i'm going to sleepover at clara's
i fit in:
- a pillow
- a pair of trackies
- a rather large film camera
- a digital camera
- exercise books plus lecture notes for uni
- pencil case
- make up bag
- wallet
- phone
- bible


Sunday, July 18, 2010


Originally uploaded by WOLF CHOIR

i love this photo.
because its kind of random
but cute at the same time.
i also love photos that have good light.
i love the sunlight shining through across the field in this.

i also just read the course outline slash guidelines
for my research subject
and now, i counting on this subject to hopefully be my best mark
because i've figured
that i don't do well on exams
but since this subject is zero exam
and most of it is written
with 80% of it based on the written
(and 20% is based on "discussion with supervisor" HAHA)
and my best marks come from my assignments.
that this is my best chance to get a HD
if i try hard enough.

i also realised that my final report is to be submitted on september 16
which means i finish that subject in mid september
which is pretty sweet.
and thus, i can focus on my other two subjects
and study them well for exams.
and hopefully do better on exams as well.
that's what i'm hoping for anyway.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

jam packed #192

i do wonder about that term 'jam packed'
because well, is jam really 'packed'
i'd like to think of it as a jar being filled with jam

but anyway,
had two full days in a row.

so yesterday, i had work from 11 til 6
at 6, i had to get changed and do my makeup in the centre bathroom
then took the bus to crown
we ate at sante for thanh's 21st.
i stayed there til about 10
got home at around 10.30
completely knackered
but ended up sleeping at 12.

then this morning, i had to get up at 7.30 for work at 9
worked til 5
then jacky picked me up from work
and we went to the city to get picked up by oli
to go to trivia night
trivia night finished at around 11.30
go home at 12ish.

yes, twas very tiring but fun.
another thing i probably need to add is that
i have been sick for 2 weeks straight
and from yesterday, my symptoms started becoming nasal
ie. runny nose and allergies
so i constant had a red nose
(not such a great look)
and feeling very run down already.
so the days felt extra hectic to me.

but yes. CU trivia night was quite fun
leila, daniela, minh tu & i spent quite a while
staring at paper
trying to solve the puzzles on it.
and thus, being antisocial.
but it was rather fun, especially when we figured out some of those puzzles
and the food was pretty awesome
thanks to eleni.

fun days.

Friday, July 16, 2010

#191 change yet again

i changed my layout again
this one took quite a lot of effort
because i had to manually type a lot of things.
i quite like it,
i really like the tabs at the side of the polaroid.
go click them :)
i added a quote of the week tab
and a 'music i'm playing' tab
which will be updated weekly and fortnightly

the problem with me and changing layouts
is that
i take absolutely forever to choose one.
then when i choose one,
i have to fix it til its up to my standards and everything.
which can be quite annoying and tedious.

and yes.

p.s. i just realised you can't add comments on this layout.
super annoyed, because its difficult to fix.
but i will try and fix it soon. sorry.

1:38am - YES! finally got it to work. seriously need to go to bed now.

because i'm listening to the muse and tegan & sara albums on repeat
this week, it dominates my top 10
1. muse - undisclosed desires
2. muse - resistance
3. muse - uprising
4. tegan & sara - the con
5. tegan & sara - relief next to me
6. the octopus project - the adjustor
7. regina spektor - genius next door
8. temper trap - sweet disposition
9. tegan & sara - floorplan
10. hot chip - ready for the floor

Thursday, July 15, 2010

it sucks when your best semester of marks came from your first year, first semester.
it's all gone down hill from there.

my results are kind strange
the range of difference across all of them this sem is only like 2 marks
here are my results 59, 60, 61, 61
i thought i did well enough on two of them to get a D
apparently not.

sitting and studying for exams is definitely not my forte.


you know what's fun
realising you left a tissue in your pocket
after you put it in the wash
and you're left with the task of emptying out
crumbly bits of tissue.
and you can't get it completely clean
because its smeared all over your pocket.

well, at least it was only a pair of pj trackies
so i guess its not too bad.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


i bought 3 cds today
which made my day
as i've mention time and time again
buying cds makes me excited

i bought:

Muse - The Resistance
though i really should have it already
and i love Muse because their albums are always so complete
as in liste
ning to the album is an experience as a whole
and not just having a couple of good songs spread across the whole album
like some artists
also, in United States of Eurasia, the complete song and key change
the moment for some reason reminded me of We Are the Champions (Queen)
they're probably singing in the same key i guess

Vampire Weekend - self titled
i wasn't really planning to buy it
but it was cheap
and it has many of the tracks that i like from Vampire Weekend so i bought it

and lastly

Tegan and Sara - The Con
which i should also already have
but don't
(because of the lack of funds)
i also wanted to buy The Sainthood
but it wasn't that cheap
so i shall buy it later
to complete my Tegan and Sara collection

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


still sick.

the problem is:
i know that i do have a secondary bacterial infection
and i know need antibiotics
but i hate going to the doctor

see, i don't mind going to the dentist
but hate going to the doctor
don't know why.
i just haven't that great experiences there.
not that i'm scared of it
but what i've experienced isn't that great
(as in like the doctors are annoying and snobby rather than helpful)
and so i usually can't be bothered
even though i know i need to go.

so i end up not going and thinking i'll get better on my own.
which is what i am still hoping
that i'll get better without antibiotics
which is probably why i'm still sick.


Monday, July 12, 2010


watched it at luke & katherine's house
with a few CU friends

though before watching the final match
we watched the British Grand Prix
followed by le Tour de France

then the final at 4.30
twas ok slash kinda boring for most of it.
i wanted spain to win, just that little bit more.
though i didn't really care too much
and the ref was really annoying though
with all his yellow cards
but my favourite yellow card of the night came from this guy

de Jong's 'Jackie Chan-like' kick into the chest of Alonso
it was really funny to watch though.
i'm surprised i haven't found a clip of that
playing along to the tune of 'kung fu fighting' though.
i thought that would be a given.

but yes,
so whilst watching the match
i seriously though it was going to go to shoot outs
which i was kind of looking forward to
because they're more suspenseful
but the goal with only 5 mins of extra time left
was pretty sweet.

and yes.

well at least, we all survived the vuvuzelas (hopefully).
though, jacky installed the app on his ipod.
but i will insist on him uninstalling it real soon.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

little drummer girl #186

forcing emma to play drums impromptu
for the sunday service,
made my day :)

(however, being forced to sing by myself. with a crap voice, because i'm still sick. did not.)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

loading zone #185

a weird thing that customers do at our pharmacy
treat our pharmacy as a loading zone
and by that i mean
they come in and ask if we can mind their shopping
and leave so they can pick it up later
half the time they don't even buy stuff from us
they're just using us
i don't know.
why is that?
because i'm pretty sure people don't do it as often to other places
(ie. non pharmacies)
i find it really odd.

some lady
which i've never seen before/has never come into our shop before
came to drop off 4 bottles of wine
to pick up later
though she kept insisting that it wasn't hers
and it was for a fundraiser.
and my boss saw the bottles
and joked that i was going to drink it all later
because i was sick of work and uni.
she did end up picking it up
and thanked me
and left.

some people are so odd.

Friday, July 9, 2010

#184 paper towns (part 2)

so i finished the book today
and i loved it.

(do not read on, if you want to read the book. which you should, because it was a good book. and should totally be made into a movie.)

i loved how in the beginning it was lighter and easy to get into
but then i got into
more deeper issues.

i love how he discusses how we cannot truly become other people
and truly know them
that we more or less see our own reflections of people.
rather than the person themselves.
john green not only brings this to light with Margo
and how everyone has their own versions of Margo
but even with Q, how he wants his friends to care about what he cares about (which is Margo)
but Radar tells him that people are their own people.

i also love how he named the main, i guess, object of this book
(because i think she is more of an object in this book than subject, because of the fact that she is a mystery to others. and the fact that characters in the book, like Q, do things because of her though she is not necessarily there. and people do not really know her, but have their own 'Margo' view/idea for themselves. does that make her an object? i don't know, but it just doesn't feel right for her to be a subject.)
Margo Roth Spiegelman
because Spiegelman is a German word for mirror maker
"and Margo is the Spiegelman of Paper Towns, because when people look at her they don't see anything that is essentially true about Margo, what they see is some fun house mirror reflection of themselves." John Green
i thought that was really interesting.

i also love how their are many different covers of Paper Towns
with many different 'Margo'-s
representing the point above
that people all see their own reflections of Margo
but none of which is the true Margo
(the copy I have is the one not of her face, because that's the Australian version)

though the ending did leave me hanging a little bit
because of the fact that Margo did not definitively leave
but Q and Margo both turned back to each other
so immediately after I'd finished I thought perhaps
Q decided to go with Margo
or that they stayed together in the paper town
but after reading into it more
it is definite that Margo did go own her own afterwards
because Q valued the future
but Margo valued the future as being a series of nows.

i want to go buy and read his other books now :D

Thursday, July 8, 2010

#183 paper towns

currently reading Paper Towns by John Green
the same John Green I was blogging about a while ago
the one that is one half of the vlogbrothers

loving the book so far
and intrigued by one Margo Roth Spiegelman
can't wait to read what happens next

i think, i'll start reading again
because i can
since i'm on holidays
and i have a lot of books to read still
that are on my shelf.

i think the next one after this one is:
Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

yes, ok.
bed now.

p.s. i still haven't gotten completely better from my sickness. boo!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

#182 emo & toy story 3

most people have read this on facebook already
but i attempted to dye my hair dark brown this morning
with two boxes of schwarzkopf hair dye
and both boxes said 'dark brown' on them
and both showed me pictures of how my hair would look slightly brown after dying it with this certain hair dye.
but my hair turned out to be EMO black.
not sure how this possibly happened.

i'm hoping it would eventually wash out slightly
so that my hair wouldn't be so emo black.

also, i watched TOY STORY 3 today
and it was awesome.
i loved it.
especially the ending.
though i do not want to talk about it too much since i don't want to spoil it for others
but i loved it.
it was funny but not completely in a kids way
so i found it pretty good.
kinda want to watch it again.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


not that i'm not happy about my current relationsip status
(because i am really happy about it)
but i think it would be kinda fun
doing the whole awkward beginning of a relationship bit again
does he like me? how much does he like me? do i like him? what hasn't he called? etc. etc.

because i was talking to a friend today
and well, he's at that stage
not knowing whether the girl likes him and everything
and i found it so cute.
because he was blushing and fiddling and trying to change the conversation
when we were talking about it.
but i insisted on laughing at him
and saying how cute he was.
cute in a way that, he's like a little boy and i wanted to pat him.

and yes,
i think it could be fun.
going through the awkward stage again,
having the unknown, and getting to know each other.

but of course, as i said i love the current state i am in
that there isn't any unknown.

i don't know
i'm just rambling.


Monday, July 5, 2010

#180 sick

i'm sorry i still haven't fixed everything up.

i've been sick since thursday night
and i still haven't gotten better

today when i woke up i could barely talk
and proceeded to coughing up my phlegm
side note: i was also at emma's house
so she can vouch for these things happening
especially the phlegm bit

my mum is also really funny
she called me while i was still at emma's
and was like
"what time are you coming home?
you should come home earlier because you shouldn't eat all their food"
she's a funny one.

i have so many things to do
and i don't feel like i have a long enough break

Sunday, July 4, 2010


so today
we had our church anniversary celebration
and the kids sang
as usual
and they were cute
as usual
(btw, thats me in the red cardigan)

afterwards, i hung out with some friends
then emma convinced me to sleepover at her house
and her dad will teach me guitar
so i did

and we also manage to convince daniel and jacky to come over as well
to play wii with titus
and daniel wanted to learn guitar as well
but ended up having to learn on the ukulele
twas a fun but random night

also, was massively attacked by their dog puffy
by attacked i mean she was super excited and kept jumping on me and licking me
see, i'm ok with being jumped on
but not slobbered on


argentina lost to germany
nil to 4 goals
suddenly i don't feel so bad about australia losing to germany with the same score
especially because during the end
we only had 10 men.


they're who i'm going for
from now on

Saturday, July 3, 2010

#178 back into the swing of things

had work today.
so kinda tired
& starting to display summit withdrawal symptoms.

Friday, July 2, 2010

#177 i'm back

so after two camps, being away 8 days back-to-back
well, i'm back.

so obviously i need to update.
so i'm thinking
i will update backwards,
ie. i will talk about what i did on those particular days

so, today was the last day of summit (RMIT CU camp)

so it involved:
- waking up and having to pack up stuff
- going to the last talk
- and manuscript discovery
where we pulled everything together, and answered all the remaining questions we had from 1 john
- and then taking some photos
- and leaving

here's a pic of everyone in the camp (though it was taken on the wednesday)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

#176 last full day of summit

- finishing the last of steve william's talks
- another 1 john talk
- more manuscript discovery
- a workshop about science and christianity with john diacos
- a night walk
which i did not go to because i started to feel sick, but i kind of wished i did because they saw SNOW! :( sigh.
- staying up til 4.30 am because it was the last night
and this involved playing multiple games of angels and assassins
which was really frustrating
because the game involves getting people to trust you
and though i was telling the truth (most of the time)
the times when i was telling the truth people didn't believe me
and it was really annoying.
but the games were really funny,
i think we ended up playing about 7 games

also, played up and down the river
which i came second and beat steve williams
(which if you do not know, beating him is an achievement)