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i write about random things.
these days i write pretty sporatically.
sometimes i completely rave about something, like a tv show but sometimes i write pretty serious things.
i write in short phrases, i like the freedom of not having to write in proper punctuation and grammar.
i'm a christian. i also ♥ music, art, photography, movies, tv & books.

hope you enjoy ♥

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010

old friends #57

sorry, i've been slacking off
i havent been blogging of late
but i've just been so tired lately
and busy

so today i saw an old friend
and by saw, i mean walked past them
and after walking past them realised who they were
and since, well we haven't talked in years
its kinda strange to call after for them after they've walked away
but there's still that regret
because a long time ago
we were really good friends
best friends at some point even
and its such a sad thing
knowing how we had grown apart
to be not even on speaking terms anymore
but i guess
we grew up, and moved on to different circumstances
to different friends
and not needing each other
its sad,
wondering whether things could be different
whether the girls now can be friends like we were back then
and its strange that after all these years
i still miss her.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

who-to-go-for #55

so when i watch somethng like the olympics
especially when there aren't many australians
i have ranking system thing that allows me to choose who to go for
so obviously
1. would be an Australian
2. country close to australia, ie. new zealand
3. then after that, an underdog
4. a german, yes i still have a soft spot for germans, i really really want to go there still
5. then after that probably an asian, not necessarily china unless the asian dominates the sport (see above) then we go to the next one
6. anyone else besides great britain or america
7. great britain

and well, americans are left off the list
cos i almost never go for the american
and thats is how i choose to cheer for people
in sports events
internationally, i mean

if its something like footy then its
1. teams i like
2. underdog
cos we aussies love underdogs



i dyed my hair today again
it didn't come out as good as i would have liked it
i would have liked it a bit lighter
but you know
black hair.
what can you do?
(figure of speech, of course i'm not going to bleach my hair :)
and es.

i also watched the winter olympics
another gold for australia
i get so proud
especially at the winter olympics
cos medals for australia are so rare
yay, go us!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

textas #54

i love writing with textas
i'm not sure why
coloured pens just don't cut it with me anymore
i mean when i was younger
(much younger)
i LOVED buying coloured pens
i swear i spent so much money on them
for i have no idea why
but anyway
i've moved on
i thing textas have more impact
and the colours are just so much better
i guess i've also been influenced
by clara
since in high school she always used textas
her particular textas
which i labelled in my mind as 'singaporean textas'
though she called them markers
but yes
sinc last year though
i been using textas a lot
like instead of want to highlight something i write
i'll just write it in texta
cos well my texta writing is bigger and more colourful
than the highlighted line written in mere pen.


Monday, February 22, 2010

sweet&sour #53

you know sweet and sour sauce
why is it a clear red/pink colour?
do they use food dye or something?
cos when my mum makes it
it tastes just as good
but its a light brown colour
i wonder.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

pick problem #52

so today i played my guitar at church for the first time
and something funny happened
well, i think it doesn't sound as funny now that i explain it
more of an in the moment thing
but here goes
well at church we play 4 songs, 2 at a time
after the first song
(possible habing to do with the fact that i'm noob)
i dropped my pick into my guitar
deeming me pick-less
and helpless
forced to strumed with my own bare hands
then there was the struggle to get it out
which was after the first two songs
and in between anything important that i would be interrupting
so there i was madly shaking my guitar trying to get it out
i eventually did
but i couldn't stop myself from laughing since the second song
i found i absolutely hilarious
but anyway i played the last two songs later
quite ok
with no trouble.

there was also another funny incident
well, for the bible reading, there was a bit of a misread
instead of "eating with their food with 'unclean' hands"
it became "eating their hands"
and since i wasn't completely calm from the pick incident
it made it all the more funnier
so i was a little hysterical

weir #51

i was a killing heidi song
and i totally do not understand why that song is called that
i never understood why it was killing heidi either
especially for a bad coming out of the nineties
and me being under 10 years old
i felt like i shouldn't be listening/watching them on video hits
because of the name
but anyhow

i wasn't going to talk about that really
what i was going to say was
i like jonny weir
he's so flamboyant and fabulous
like i was watching the interview with him and eddie mcguire
and eddie asked something about him not playing football
and he said something along the lines of
i'd be running towards the opposite side than the team and i'd be flapping like a zebra?
oh, he's so FABulous

Friday, February 19, 2010

57 seconds of abuse #50

oh i love barats and bereta
they are hilarious


Originally uploaded by yyellowbird

slightly late again
its 12.44
but oh well

i really love this photo
i love the grainy detail on her face
that like its so cleverly placed
that it actually draws more attention to it
rather than blurs the focus
very pretty.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

socked feet #48

so my post is early today

so i dislike socked feet
this mostly applies to guys
because their feet are smellier (generally speaking)
i don't mind females in socks
if the socks are white and clean i'm fine with it
or girls usually wear coloured socks
i'm fine with that
as long as they are not dirty
but i dislike though who wear dark coloured socks
like black socks or grey socks
i find it really gross
cos its black you can;t see how dirty it is
and i dunno i'm weird like that
i mean i'd rather see someones bare feet
than them in black socks or white dirty socks

this probably stems from the fact that i don't really like feet
i cannot understand people with foot fetishes
that's really disgusting
and people who suck toes
my dislike of feet isnt that bad
for some reason i can stand bare feet
unless you have a fungal infection or something
but i for some reason think socked feet are really gross.
because boys sweat a lot
and the socks have soaked up all the sweat

um, yes.
i'm strange i know :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


so i watched valentine's day today with jacky
it was ok
wasn't as bad as people said it was
i liked it
though it was a little long

yeah, i'll postpone that sock blog to tmr.

Monday, February 15, 2010

winter olympics #46

our (pretty much) only gold medal chance failed.
not that he didn't do well
silver is still good.
but i was shattered when the canadian guy beat him.
but you know
its kinda cool that a champion 'snow person' (HAHA)
came come out of australia
which has VERY little snow
kinda like jamaica and bobsledding
(cool runnings is an awesome movie :) )
but yes, not sure if its really worth watching the winter olympics anymore
though i want to watch figure skating
especially after that 'aboriginal' costume incident
it would be HI-larious :)

yes sorry i kinda cheated a few days ago
it was a post
but not really
i'll fix it up now
but yes
i'm actually posting what i was going to post that day
just that i was too lazy
and stuff
and it was the chinese new years eve
so you know
some leyway, please?

also, i'm loving this season of 'so you think you can dance'
i have so many favs already
which is odd
cos i never know who to like in the beginning
(yes, i only just watched the showcase episode yesterday)
but every wednesday i have a bible study at a friends house
and well, i can always cath up online anyway
but yes
i LOVED the boys dance, it was pretty cool
i loved the music with it and everything as well
and the costumes
and the many buff boys on stage helps as well
but i also LOVED the one with Issi and Robbie
but i was thinking
how uncomfortable it would be for their parents
watching their kids rolling around on the ground
i guess that goes for all of them
but you know, just that their the youngest ones
anyhow, my current favs are:
- Issi -- she's a cutie, and i love her hair, and the fact that she only finished high school
- Ivy -- i really like her, she has this light with her, she seems to glow when she smiles
- Robbie -- though his teeth aren't so good, it kinda reminds me of the flinstones, like i'm not trying to be mean or anything but it does
- Nick -- though it annoyed me at his first audition that he wore white socks, and the soles were dirty (i have thing about socks, i'll explain this in tomorrow's post), but i like him
- Matt -- cos he's like the ultimate bogan (i mean this in a good way, i mean it as a true blue aussie way) but yet he's a ballroom dancer
- Gaz -- cos um he's tall & buff & pretty hot :)
- Kieran -- i think he's cute, in a boy way (if that makes sense)

sigh, i do have too many favs

oh and i checked
NINE of them are from sydney, TEN from NSW (ie. only one of the NSW people aren't from sydney)
thats half the dancers from NSW

ok, i'm done.

oh wait one last thing,
i'm sad elise & teneale were voted off biggest loser
i like watching cos they're so cute
they (almost) always wear their hair the same way
and i find it absolutely adorable

ok, actually done now.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

valentine's day/chinese new year #45

was relatively uneventful to me
i did go out in the morning with jacky
but it was only for a few hours
since jacky had work
and i didn't see my mum the whole day til dinner
since she went to the city
but i did get money :)
which is awesome.

currently my gums kinda hurt at the back
there's a gap on one side and food keep getting stuck in it
does that mean my wisdoms are growing?
i should go see a dentist.
but i don't want to.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

chicken pox #44

ok, so you know that smell is the sense most associated with memory
and well i've always known it
but i was just like yeah yeah
just something i know
but i totally realised its true
i had a bath
and i have some pinetarsol bath oil that i have never used
and i used it
cos my skin has been kinda itchy and bug bites and stuff
and as soon as i poured it out
i remembered when i was five
when i had chicken pox
my babysitter (side note: yes sort of, i mean she did take me home from school everyday and stuff, but not as in the babysitter in the western way, more of an asian way, so it was this old lady my mum knew from church and she had many adult kids already and she constantly helps people take care of kids. funnily enough my uncle actually got married to one of her daughters a few years later (i think it was 6/7 years later, they weren't dating when i was babysat). and i was the flower girl for their wedding, and also when her son got married. let's just say i'm a very experienced flower girl. haha. ok, back on topic, so when i say babysitter i mean it in a family/close friend sort of way) well, when i had chicken pox
she must have bought pinetarsol for me to bathe in
cos i distinctly remember the smell.
thus, i had a revelation that smell is really the most associated with memory.

the end.

Friday, February 12, 2010

t shirt war #43

the vid is pretty cool
i like a lot

Thursday, February 11, 2010

traffic jammmmm #42

so today there was a HUGE storm in melbourne
which somehow
i have no idea how
caused chaos with traffic and public transport
and yes
so today i had work
finished at 6pm
left at 6pm
was at the bus stop at 6.05pm
waited for the bus until 6.30pm
in which 3 trams had already gone by
(not just the bus as in my 220 bus, but zero buses came in that time frame but according to the timetable there should have been a bus every 5 mins)
got on the bus and there was the WORST traffic jam on st kilda rd i have ever been in
getting to the end of the road
took 40 mins to get down st kilda rd
which would normally take about 10/15 minutes
and then the whole bus ride took about 2 hours
got home at 8.20pm

then i got rained on while walking home.
though i must admit i'd rather being rained on
than having to endure wind
(wind as in the gust/gale, not the other one. LOL)
i cannot stand wind
or the cold
i friggin hate the cold
makes my ear feel like they're going to fall off
its so cold its painful.
and wind is just annoying.
rain is better than them both
unless, you have wet feet from the rain
then thats gross.


name association #41

yeah, bit late again
its 1.10 am
so i'm an hour and ten mins late for my blog

have work tmr
actually i don't mind work that much
but i get really tired sometimes
and sometimes dizzy

anyhow, so you know how for people with fairly odd names
well, if you meet someone else with that same name you think of the first person
often it could be a bad thing
like yesterday i went to kmart
and there was this fairly old lady
and her name was avril
and obviously instantly you would think of avril lavigne
so i would say her name is sort of
well not really ruined
but it would be affected by the fact that avril lavigne has the same name
i mean i guess its good if the person/celeb is pretty cool
but it would suck if your name is say paris
cos people would instantly think paris hilton
yeah, that would kinda suck.

but yes, for mean the famous people with my name are pretty cool
and not that famous to invoke such thought and linkage
but the ones i have are:
alyson hannigan, alison goldfrapp (ie. goldfrapp), alison sudol (ie. a fine frenzy)
and they are all pretty cool
1. i love 'how i met your mother'
2. i love goldfrapp, i have all her albums
3. i love a fine frenzy, & have been learning her songs on guitar
so yes.
i do like my name :)
though i dunno, i think the spelling of allison or alyson
look better than alison
but anyhow.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


its creepy when you get honked at when you are just waiting for the bus
its creepier when they expect a reaction other than disgust
so i got honked at by this fat guy in a car
but it was a busy road so he had to keep driving
but he kept turning around to see my response
i just kept giving him a 'wtf ' look
but seriously what did he expect
me blowing kisses at him??

Monday, February 8, 2010

kiddiessss #39

yes. sorry.
i majorly screwed up the days/posts
making up for them now.

so, well at church i teach sunday school
and the class i teach is class 2,
which is kids from grade 1 to grade 3
and well last year
i had like 4/5 grade 3 kids
and 3 grade 3 kids
and the older kids would just totally dominate answering the questions and things
and show of their reading skills and whatnot
but now this year the older kids have moved up to class 3
which is grade 4 - 6
meaning i have 3 grade 2 kids
and i taught them for the first time this year
and its friggin awesome
like they all talk now and answer the questions
and want to read
like last year, i would have to go up to each of them individually
to check that they know what they are doing
in puzzles and things
but now its great.
i was so happy after i taught them yesterday.
i love my new class.
not that i didn't love my previous class
but you know, i like this better.

though another thing i'd like to mention
after a year of teaching kids
the best way to get kids entertained
give them something to colour in.
seriously, i'd be teachin them
and they'd ask, 'can we colour now?'
haha, its the best and hardly any mess
(as opposed to crafts)
the only thing you need to do is to sharpen pencils for them

though one things i'm sad about
i asked the kids how old they were yesterday
and they're all 6/7
and then i asked how old they thought i was
and jasmine (one of the kids) said i was 27

moth #38

so yesterday,
i found friggin dead moth IN my violin.
just thought you'd like to know.

sorry for the short posts.
i dunno lately, i've been feeling really lethargic
like really
like dizziness and things.
but then i went to the doctor last month and they said my iron levels are fine.
but i dunno.
yeah, so i kinda haven't been into doing much stuff.
like before the holidays
i'd be like
'well, this holidays, i want to do this this and this'
and it never gets done really.
due to laziness
and wanting to just lay in bed and not think.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

sigh. #37

yes missed a day again.
like i was going to blog,
but then i realise i should blog after 12am
which means its already the next day
so i kinda just leave it.
and blog later.

Friday, February 5, 2010

stranger sprint #36

you know when you're walking to a particular place
and someone overtakes you
and you feel the urge to walk faster to overtake them again
and it becomes an unspoken race.
i do that often
especially when i walk to the train station
or from the train station
cos the passage i walk
theres only one way you can go
so its an obvious race
and an obvious winner
which is usually me
cos i'm lame like that.

though, if i find the person is kinda weird
or creepy
then i let them overtake me
and walk even slower
so that theres a bigger margin between us.

i know.
i'm lame.
what's new?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

flashy lash #35

"i'll take vampires over werewolves any day"
vampires - minuit

the song is ok
but very cute
haha :)
but yes minuit is a new zealand band with a french name
& their website is so cute

and i like the girl in it
she has cool eye lashes in their film clip

actually i'm kind of having a fake eyelash phase
like i don't where them
but i think they're pretty
like at work we get catalogues and things
and there was this one with all these false lashes
they're so cool
its like shu uemura ones
like with feathers and things
i kinda wanted to ask vivien (the manager) to order them
but i knew if she did it would be the plain black ones
not the pretty colourful ones
oh well

lol, it kind of sounds like i talked about minuit to talk about false lashes
but no
i didn't exactly know where this blog was going when i started
see i usually know when i start writing
and i write (type) down ideas onto my phone during the day
if i have an good idea
but yes
not today


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

survivor #34

very early post today
its only like an hour and a half since m last one
but i finally finished watching the season finale of survivor samoa
and i have thoughts on it

i wanted out of the three for mick to win
but it seemed he didn't get any votes at all
but i'm glad natalie won over russel
like he played an amazing game
but he backstabbed too many people
and it came back to bite him
especially when he said he valued i think it was 'honour, trust and integrity'
or something like that
yet his strategy to win was to 'lie, cheat and steal'
and he seemed so bitter when he didn't win
especially offering natalie money so that he could have the title of sole survivor
but yes,
after watching the reunion
i think i would have liked brett to win
he's cute :)
also, excited for the next season of 'heroes vs.villains'
russel is defs on the villains team
how can he not be.
but looking back on it, i think i have only watched like 3 or 4 seasons of survivor
and none of them completely
i usually only start watching near the end
when its just before they go merge into one tribe
but yes.
will watch the next season though
cos this season was just so interesting

p.s. happy birthday rowie!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

shopping! #33

currently waiting for the megavideo
so i can continue to watch the survivor final
kinda bored.

anyway, went to highpoint today
with my mum
and its the best going shopping with my mum
cos she pays
bought two pairs of shoes
and a pair of jeans
(side note: i've always wondered why its called a 'pair' of jeans, since its not really a pair, but then i guess you would call it a pair of legs)
she always comments how she always gets the bad end of the deal when we go shopping
but i think its better now
like during high school
it seemed like we went shopping like every saturday
whereas now its just once in a while
and plus i get lots of my clothes from op shops
which i pay for
(since its so cheap)
and she always tells me i have too many clothes
and i always have work on saturdays
so we don't shop so much now
this was such a random rant

ok, bye.

Monday, February 1, 2010

awesome prediction #32

what's even funnier about this is that MadTV doesn't exist anymore
this video is at least 4 years old

p.s. i want one of these mixtape pouches
how cute are they?
they're so expensive though.

ultimate rick roll #31

yeah sorry 20 mins late. oops.

well, let me tell you about how jacky is on the end of the ultimate rick roll
its quite funny
so i hope you do know what a rick roll is
if not go wiki it
so the guy who sings that song
"never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down....."
his name is Rick Astley
and Jacky lives on Astley Crescent
so, there is the theory out there that his street is named after him
thus, Jacky and his street is on the back end of the ultimate rick roll.

p.s. jan is finished, already!