hi! i'm als & this is my blog.

i write about random things.
these days i write pretty sporatically.
sometimes i completely rave about something, like a tv show but sometimes i write pretty serious things.
i write in short phrases, i like the freedom of not having to write in proper punctuation and grammar.
i'm a christian. i also ♥ music, art, photography, movies, tv & books.

hope you enjoy ♥

Friday, September 23, 2011

So today I wore my black flats and I was wondering why it felt like I could feel the ground while I walked. So I thought my shoes must have been wearing out and an area of the shoe sole was just really thin.

But then I got home and there was an actual hole in the sole, it was like a 1.5cm diameter hole.

Though I'm a bit perplexed as to how it got there, because that hole is really random.

too much tv

so i watched a ton of shows yesterday simply because they all came out yesterday

i watched: survivor, america's next top model, modern family, up all night, free agents

i actually preferred free agents to up all night this week, the ending kinda made it too awkward. i don't like watching things that make me feel too awkward (which is one of the reasons why i stopped watching the office).

i also really enjoyed modern family, but it felt a bit weird how they changed lily. and that lily can talk so much now (and clearly), that it doesn't make sense she's 3. i mean 3 year olds can talk but not that clearly. i actually really enjoyed the silence of old lily, it really contrasted her extravagant parents and her. though i do like this new lily, it will just take some adjusting, that's all.

oh, also watched new girl, the day before that
i kinda like it
as in the episode is kinda slow but funny
but the ending of that episode was hilarious!
i really liked the douchebag jar as well

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spring shows

I feel like this spring isn't going to be that great for me uni work wise, and I say this because all my shows are coming back, and there's a lot of them. I mean, A LOT.

Survivor and America's Next Top Model came back last night, and I can tell this season of ANTM is going to be great because of the season preview. I mean they will be writing their own songs and singing them, and doing the music video for them. On a modeling show? Really? This is going to be HILARIOUS! And check out the final photo of all the models photoshopped together. I mean, someone was seriously having a crack when they thought it was a good idea to photoshop the girls spilling out of the bubble bath/pool AND Alexandria is no longer on a surf board, she now rides a motorcycle. AHAHAHAHA! Oh, this season is going to be so fun(ny)! I am glad that Allison Harvard (ie. creepy chan) is back, if you've read my older posts you may know I had a slight obsession over her.

I also started watching Up All Night today, pretty funny and light, I'll probably continue to watch it. It kind of reminds me of Raising Hope and Cam & Mitchell on Modern Family, sort of. (simply because they are also shows about raising babies)

And I also started Free Agents as well. I liked that too, but I'm not sure if I like it enough to continue watching. Maybe if I'm bored or something.

Also, the other shows I'm waiting for:
- Chuck (!!)

- Nikita (!)

- Community (!)

- How I met your mother
- Big Bang Theory
- Modern Family (sort of, I mean I do like the show but I'm more inclined to watch it when I'm bored rather than follow it every week)

New shows I may start:
- New Girl, simply because I love Zooey Deschanel :)

- (and as I said: Up All Night)

I think that's it, I have way too many shows already.

As I said, this is so not looking good for uni work.
Finally there's a blogger app for iPhones :) will blog more frequently now.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


so i did my nails today,
check it out.

pretty cool huh?
took me a little while to do, but it was my first time doing nails like this
so it came out pretty decent.

i was following this nail tutorial :)
though hers looks much better in the nail tutorial
but i think if i do it again i'll have to use all the same brand of nail polishes