hi! i'm als & this is my blog.

i write about random things.
these days i write pretty sporatically.
sometimes i completely rave about something, like a tv show but sometimes i write pretty serious things.
i write in short phrases, i like the freedom of not having to write in proper punctuation and grammar.
i'm a christian. i also ♥ music, art, photography, movies, tv & books.

hope you enjoy ♥

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

#236 bed intruder

love it ♥

Monday, August 30, 2010

#235 emmys

i quite liked the emmy's
i thought this glee opening was pretty funny :)
betty white is freaking hilarious.
& i'm loving tina fey in it.
and Nina Dobrev is so freaking skinny.
also Don Draper (Jon Hamm) was in it :)
(yes, i was prcrastinating and decided to watch the whole emmy's.)

side note: how different does he look not as don draper?
weird huh?

Sunday, August 29, 2010


twas quite funny today
none of the violinists played their violin today
the position was occupied by michelle instead
whilst i was singing
steph on cello
& emma on the drums.

i really need to get back to playing my guitar though
and its funny
because emma's dad has been asking whether i've been doing my guitar homework
and my homework being
to, well, practise.
so, no i haven't really been doing my homework.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

#233 perks of the job

i love free stuff
so today i got my free stuff from natio
because i did their online training
and i got quite a lot of stuff
i got a full size 'intensive moisturising day cream'
full size 'skin brightening face balm'
full size 'gentle face scrub'
sample size 'daily protection moisturiser'
an eye shadow sparkle dust' palette
a 'maximum curl waterproof mascara'
an 'ultra shiny fruit gloss' in passionfruit
and of course, a certificate.

amongst other things
this is one of may favourite things about this job
free stuff!

also, went to jono's 21st tonight at theapartment
it was ok, i enjoyed it
though most of my friends left pretty early
and i'm not a fan of making friends with people who already have groups
at least i enjoy my own company though.
but vick was totally chatted up by some guy on the d floor
which i thought was pretty funny.
i also really liked the cupcakes (left)
they looked good being lit up like that
though i think i was holding everyone up trying to take multiple photos of it.

Friday, August 27, 2010

#232 dearest mother;


i baked my mum a cake.
it's a strawberry baked cheesecake, but the base is actually sponge.
but since its under a layer of cheese, the sponge is a little condensed.
it doesn't look that good in the photo.
but i definitely tastes better than it looks.
we ate it just before and she loved it.
she said if i don't take any of it to work tmr
by the time i get home it would be all gone.

i also took her out to dinner in footscray
my mum wanted to go to lentil as anything
but jacky was calling me cheap
because technically you don't have to pay anything there
but it wasn't my fault, she said she wanted to go
though, i ended up taking her out for chinese
roast duck rice and crispy fried noodle

also, a funny thing that we always do
cos we're an asian family
and we always eat at that same place
we always never finish it and end up doggy bagging
and it'd be dinner for the next day.
but we've been going to that same restaurant for YEARS.
i would say over a course of 10 years
when it was in a different location.
though i know that say sonja's restaurant would hate doggy bagging
but since its a restaurant in footscray
(food is cheap, and the people who eat their are mostly cheap)
you kind of have to offer that service because heaps of asians go there
and if you don't, they go elsewhere.

anyhow, i also gave my mum a present
its a bath robe, but its really soft
and for some reason it took us ages to find one.
side note: why does myer not have soft bath robes? they were quite rough. not a single one. and david jones wasn't much better either. and they are the expensive stores. i ended up getting it from cotton on & it was super soft :)

i rate myself highly as a daughter.
i baked a cake, took her out to dinner and bought a present.
& i think that if i were a boy, i'd make a really good boyfriend.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


today, we went out for clara's birthday
we ate at this indian place in docklands
it was pretty good.
but the serving sizes for the mains were really small.
& a lot of the time i didn't know what i was eating.
though i must admit, its quite fun trying new things.

also, funny story.
so we were checking if any of the stuff had peanuts
since rowie is allergic
but none of them did
though they had nuts
but the boss was pretty anxious about it
because they had an incident with allergies recently.
and was telling her not to eat some of the dishes.
he also made the kitchen make a special chicken dish for her
even though she's only allergic to peanuts
& she was already eating everything else.
and plus its just a mild allergy.

also, we had cake :)
(i baked it)
didn't really take a picture of it
(so i cropped one)
but me, sonja and susan decorated the top with mini m&ms
we wrote
'we ♥ u'
if you can sort of see it.

twas quite fun.
i love catching up :)
& i ♥ these girls to bits.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

#230 i am not.

so yesterday
i was in the bathroom at melbourne central station
and this vietnamese lady asked me if i was vietnamese
i said 'no.'
then she said, 'do you know what time centre closes today?'
i said 'probably 6.'
then after a short while she goes, 'where are you from?'
'i'm australian.'
'no, where are you from?'
'i'm chinese.... from china.'
'are you vietnamese? you look vietnamese.'
'no. i'm chinese.'
'are you sure?'
'i'm not vietnamese.'

i got pretty annoyed that she was so insistent
to the point that i felt really offended.
and for the record, no i'm not vietnamese.
my mum was orn in vietnam, but she's chinese.
and my dad's born in china and he's chinese also.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

#229 scott pilgrim

i watched scott pilgrim vs. the world today
it was pretty funny
but really random.
one of the funniest and randomest bits was the vegan guy bit.
i like the comic book style of the movie
though it made it feel extra random.
and i thought the ending was a bit strange.
i also realised the movie star ex guy (ex #2) was the human torch in fantastic four
and the vegan ex guy (ex #3) was brandon routh from superman returns.
though it didn't really look like him.

in other news,
i went to the don carson talk today.
it was pretty good, i like his accent.
(he's canadian)
though i felt like he didn't completely flesh out what it meant to be born again via water and spirit. but i liked it regardless.

lol, i also realised my day was quite, erm, canadian.
becaue scott pilgrim is set in canada as well.

Monday, August 23, 2010


i got my hair cut today
it looks the same but slightly shorter
but now my hair is healthier at least
because i had an insane amount of split ends before the cut.

i also didn't end up going to don carson today.
was a bit tired.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

#227 detangle my tangles!

on friday, i did end up buying the freelance whales album
photo of them above
(i quite like the photo, its cute.)
i was pretty excited when i saw it on the shelf
i may have possibly have gone 'yesssssss!' aloud
when i was behind someone
the guy moved slightly.
he probably thought i was weird
or something.

also, because my hair gets really knotty
really often
i also had to buy a johnsons kids strawberry sensation no more tangles spray
funny how there aren't any detangling sprays for adults.
but oh well,
i like smelling like strawberries.

this whole week Don Carson will be speaking at Storey Hall (the green RMIT building, across from melbourne central)
so if you ever had ANY questions at all about christianity
please come :)
i'll be going all the nights
except thursday.

i'll just copy what it says on the CU website

Many people have questions about Christianity, life and faith and how it all fits together.

NOW…..during RMIT week 6…. there is a great opportunity to spend a night or 2….or 5, thinking through these issues.
Don Carson, an internationally renowned speaker, and author on all things Christian, is flying into Melbourne and is booked at RMIT’s very own Storey Hall for 5 nights of epic talks, slick music and decent dramatic performances.

Each night is different so come to one…..or come to all…AND bring your friends.

• Monday 23 August ~ How can we see God?
• Tuesday 24 August ~ How can we start over again?
• Wednesday25 August ~ How can God Have a Son?
• Thursday 26 August ~ How to get the best Bread in the World.
• Friday 27 August ~ How can I believe Jesus rose from the dead!

Whether you are just curious, or seriously sceptical, then this event is for you….AND ITS FREE!

23 – 27 August
Time: 7.00pm – 9.00 each night
Location: Storey Hall, 342 Swanston St, Melbourne

give me a buzz if any of you want to go ♥

Saturday, August 21, 2010

#226 election.

well pretty much everyone i'm talking to is split about the election
i would pefer it if julia gillard were prime minister
simply because i quite dislike tony abbott
and would absolutely hate it if he were prime minister.
it would be to me like george w. bush,
i feel like he'll probably lead this country backwards.
not that i like the redhead either.
but between the two options, i go for the red one.
(haha, red. as in ranga AND labor)

so apparently now, we are heading towards a hung vote.

the state of victoria, also looks pretty funny
because in the sea of labour and liberal seats
(& some national seats)
we have a green one
right in the middle.
go us!

p.s. updated my music, quote & photo of the week.

quote of the week:

"But God demonstrates his own for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8

top 5 songs of the week:
similar to last weeks list, but plus some not-so-recent favourite songs as well.

1. freelance whales - generator ^ first floor
2. we are scientists - rules don't stop (acoustic)
3. jonathan boulet - community service announcement
4. grizzly bear- about face
5. the xx - teardrops

photo of the week:
i love the light and the backdrop of this photo.
i also really like her dress :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

#225 hi!

(i look really asian in this photo. i think the guitar in the back saves me just that little though :) p.s. i'm holding my fringe down, if you're wondering)

actually, i've had a pretty shittay week
with the stupid assignment and all
and i stayed at home all week
except on wednesday
but even on wednesday i went home early for dinner
and i don't know
i think i've been in a very depressive mood this week
especially after that first draft for my research report
it was complete shit what i wrote, i tell you
i was in tears last night.
it was that shit.
i'm just hoping they'll at least pass me, so that i can pass this hurdle
i'm pretty sure they will, because then like there's no point it me doing the final report if i won't pass because of this stupid draft.
but at least now i can fix the super massive holes and pretty much anything that didn't make sense in it. which is most of it.
though i should work on it, so i can show something more decent to my supervisor next week.
but i think it would be easier now
because the problem with me is that starting of reports and writing
i alsway know what to start.
becasue now i have 1000 words to work with
or at least 500 words that could be useful, and it probably wouldn't be so hard.

i was pretty depressed this morning as well,
(or should i say midday/afternoon)
because i was alone most of the time.
though today i got much better at FAT (friday afternoon training)
and going to CU and to prayer night
i feel much better now.

on another note, i voted already today.
because i have work tmr.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

#224 daria alter egos

on more daria stuff
i really want the boxed set.
like really.
and i never want the dvds or boxed set for anything usually.

but anyway here are my favourite alter egos of the characters:
(the fashion club as the ramones; mystik spiral as the beatles; jane as david bowie; trent as elvis; trent as daria; daria as andy warhol; jesse as a game show host; joey, jeffy and jamie as the three musketeers; ms li as a soccer player; trent as peter pan; mr o'neill as little red riding hood; kevin as a hot air balloon; jodie as da vinci; tom as icarus; kevin as a zombie; mrs bennett as rudolf; mr o'neill as mr potato head; jake as leggo)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#223 no more!

just finished watching daria
including both movies
& i quite enjoyed seasons 4 and 5
its kind of sad
that i have nothing left to watch
& i really like the movies as well
even though they were just really long episodes


so that thing with daria and jane and tom
was a bit hmm
especially the kissing your best friend's boyfriend bit
but i actually quite liked daria and tom together
they suited a lot better than say trent and daria
even though most of the romance fan fic is about trent and daria
but i think that daria and trent wouldn't have worked
sure she pierced her belly button for him
but she did get over him in seasons 4 and 5
and they were kind of always at different wavelengths
you know trent being late at everything, and really no direction
and well daria enjoying being an intellectual and reading books and whatnot
whereas i think tom and daria are on the same level
they had much more in common
sucks that they broke up at the end of the last movie though.
i liked them.
actually i really like the scenes where it was just daria and tom.
i found them pretty funny
especially because daria was even more awkward than usual.
though, for sort of obvious reasons, most people hate tom.

(btw, the pic is just a fan made pic from here. but i like it, daria looks like her aunt amy in this one.)

these ones are fan made as well from here
i think they're pretty funny
especially the quinn vs sandi one
you can see the
weapons at the top are a mirror, a sanitary pad (lol), a scrunchie, a hairdryer, a magazine and a tampon (double lol).
and its funny because stac is meant to help quinn and she's just hiding scared
and tiffany is meant to help sandi
but she's just reading a magazine.

the daria vs jane one isn't as funny
weapons are just a skull, boots, glue gun and paint brushes.

there's also a kevin vs. mr demartino one.
where kevin's weapon is just a football and mr demartino's are a pitchfork, a chicken and an eye.

and this is one if lawndale high was actually a ghetto school.
you can see with all the hoods and hats and middriffs and puff jackets
and obviously kevin wouldn't be a qb anymore
he'd be a basketball player.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

#221 freelance whales

a band i'm loving right now: freelance whales
their new album is pretty awesome
actually i've downloaded most of the songs
but thats because their album isn't released yet in australia
i'll be sure to buy it soon
apparently it would be at jb hi-fi on friday
hopefully i can get it then.

their songs are really cute and catchy
they kind of sound like postal service with the electro synth vocals
and the lead singer kind of sounds like ben gibbard
they also sound kind of like the morning benders.
but the freelance whales has a slightly more country or folk feel.
with the use of many different instruments
including the banjo and the glockenspiel.
generator ^ first floor was the song that got me into them
its such a cute song :)

we get up early just to start cranking the generator
our limbs have been asleep, we need to get the blood back in them
we're finding every day, several ways that we can be friends.

we keep on churning and the lights inside the house turn on,
and in our native language we are chanting ancient songs,
then when we quiet down,
the house chants on without us."

Sunday, August 15, 2010

#220 strings unite

funeral music
Originally uploaded by Valerie Pensworth

twas quite fun doing music today
with me & emma on violin
& steph on the cello
i think we sounded pretty good.

in other music news,
i should start playing the guitar again
because i don't feel like i'm really progressing

Saturday, August 14, 2010


new layout, again.
i really quite like this one
because it looks pretty pro
and i spent forever on it.
because it originally it looked like the picture below:

but i'm a bit annoyed that i can't change the rate that the thing slides
i think it goes too fast.
but oh well.
btw, my wallpaper came from here

in other news,
i've been really bad this semester
i haven't really done any uni work
except for my research project
and even that i'm not on top of.
and even though i know i haven't done anything
because i don't feel like it
i end up continuing to not do anything.
gah, it sucks.

and i'm definitely a person
that if i'm in the rhythm or in the zone of doing something
i can do it for agesss
but when i'm not
i just can't at all.


Friday, August 13, 2010

#218 world in my hands

so today i lost my thermo flask
i accidentally left it on the train
but jacky says i "accidentally" left it on the train, because i didn't like that one
it leaked and it looked ugly
but i swear it wasn't intentional.

so after i had lost it i went to buy another straight after
because i have had my eye on the ones in 'Typo'
for a while
though they're a little bit more expensive than others
so i did end up buying a new one
and the one i got has an ancient world map on it
its pretty cool

top 5 songs of the week.

1. jonathan boulet - community service announcement
2. tegan & sara - red belt
3. we are scientists - rules don't stop (acoustic)
4. the temper trap - science of fear
5. gypsy & the cat - jona vark

quote of the week:


"Hatred is blind, as well as love."

- Oscar Wilde

photo of the week:

13.august.2010 i'm not sure where i found this, i've had it on my computer for a while. but i find this photo cute ♥

Thursday, August 12, 2010

#217 no santa!

347 366 - Santa baby
Originally uploaded by ly wylde

so apparently jacky shattered someones dream about santa yesterday
the thing is
it wasn't exactly a child either.
the guy was 25 years old.

to be fair though,
he didn't grow up in australia
and so he must have heard about this santa
and didn't believe it was false.

but then,
apparently he had written letters to the north pole.
which is pretty funny.

"sorrow drips into your heart;
through a pinhole.
just like a faucet that leaks;
and there is comfort in the sound.
but while you debate half empty;
or half full.
it slowly lyses;
your love is gonna drown."

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


currently sitting in melb central
by myself
waiting for either jacky or emma to be finished and to join me

just met up with heather before
and we discussed the book of daniel (in the bible)
was pretty interesting
because she points out a whole bunch of things that I had never noticed
(I'll write about it in my other blog)

but since i'm so bored
I'll share what I'm listening to at this current point in time
I've put the iPod on shuffle you see

(also, sorry for the random capital letters. I usually don't do capitals but I'm typing on jacky's iPod which I have taken captive, and the iPod likes to correct my words for me)

right now it's: sweet disposition by the temper trap
I love this song
definitely the best song in the whole album

now it's a remix version of heads will roll by the yeah yeah yeahs
it's totally a club mix
as in you can totally dance to it
it's a pretty good remix
but I think I prefer the original one better
guess it depends on my mood

now it's: genius next door by regina spektor
i'm not sure why I like this song so much
but I think it's my favourite song in this album, far
I think I find the piano really haunting
and deep
even though the song is about a lake which overnight became as thick as porridge
but people would still swim in it
pretty much that's what it's about.

now: a&e by goldfrapp
I love this song but I totally do not understand what it's about

now: undisclosed desires by muse
I've talked about the song before
cos I love it
me and Emma were saying once how when he sings the chorus
he sounds so hot ;)
and also when I sing it I tend to get confused
which one is: reconcile, recognise, exercise & satisfy
I tend to get them wrong

now: more Regina spektor
blue lips.
"blue lips, blue veins. blue. the colour of our planet from far far way."
I also don't really understand the meaning of this song.

(seriously, I think I'm just going to do this until someone joins me. because I can't be bothered doing anything)

now: the end has no end
my favourite strokes song :)

ok, jacky's here now.
Ok bye :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

#215 mag's 21st

so my fellow west footscray buddy
had her 21st at a footscray restaurant tonight
and she booked out the whole place.
some new korean bbq place
which was ok
not great.
& the food took forever to come out.
the night dragged on for ages.
because we got there at about 6.30
and left at around 10.30.
and there wasn't much 'bbq'-ing
so to speak
we only ate like a few bits of bbq-ed meat
and the rest was just other random foods.

but the company was good.
a whole bunch of high school friends
who i used to take the train to school with.
being crazy & laughing at everything

Monday, August 9, 2010


so, i was bored.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


"i fly like paper
get high like planes"


i'm a bit boring lately.
nothing to blog about.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


i want to be like jane lane.
she's the coolest

been watching daria lately
i'm up to season 3 now.
my favourite episode was the first episode of season 3
the musical one
i found it hilarious :)

Friday, August 6, 2010


Thursday, August 5, 2010


finally finished my hypothesis
but i'm pretty sure its utter crap
because i couldn't really reconfirm with my supervisor today exactly where i'm going with my topic
so hopefully my hypothesis isn't too narrow
and that i can write 2000 words on it.
or that i can say
yes, my hypothesis is correct
but i can add more stuff
to fill space.

and what's stupid about this is:
the 1000 word draft is due in two weeks
but the 2000 word draft is due one month after that.
i wish it were reversed.
because surely if you've done your first draft
you'll need a bit less time to do your final copy.
and you need a bit more time to draft your first copy.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

footscray station #209

i found a song call "footscray station" today
how hilarious!
the song isn't that great
its a bit meh
but its pretty funny
also, its also pretty funny that the band name is called
scott & charlene's wedding
ie. this:

in other news,
i'm a bit stressed out about this research subject
i've read about 10 research papers and none of them have really good info i need
so i need to keep looking
until i find at least one.
so then i can write my hypothesis which is due tmr.

p.s. i never would have thought i would ever write, or sort of write, something about neighbours in the blog. but there you go.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

YES! photos #208

photo of us at the Strokes :)
+ your friend

i put up one of each member that night
for viewing purposes
& i particularly like the one of albert hammond jr. smirking at the camera
cute :)
these photos & many others from thevine.com.au
(it's because on the night we asked the photographers who they worked for, that's how i found them ;)