hi! i'm als & this is my blog.

i write about random things.
these days i write pretty sporatically.
sometimes i completely rave about something, like a tv show but sometimes i write pretty serious things.
i write in short phrases, i like the freedom of not having to write in proper punctuation and grammar.
i'm a christian. i also ♥ music, art, photography, movies, tv & books.

hope you enjoy ♥

Saturday, January 30, 2010

st. jerome's laneway festival '10 #30

so i went to the laneway fest today
it was pretty good
though it could have been so much better if it wasn't so hot
and the food wasn't so expensive
and if we managed to get a good spot for florence + the machine
but still pretty good nonetheless
i'll recap the people i saw
which weren't as many as i thought i would
but cos of the heat we decided to chill in the shade
than to go see bands in the heat

- black gold
i quite liked them, they played some songs which i recognised because i heard them on their website. i stayed there for a little but because in the beginning being very enthusiastic, i kinda wanted to see as many as i could

- oh mercy
they were ok, to be honest i preferred black gold better, but i think oh mercy drew a bigger crowd. they sang songs about liking your cousin, and having an affair with older women. lol

- panel of judges
i watched them for about one song, didn't like them or their sound so i went somewhere else

- hockey
i really liked them. definitely a band that i'll start listening to now, they're rock but also with beats so its dance-y. i liked a lot :)

- bridezilla
i do like some songs from bridezilla (as in before i even saw them), but some of the other ones are a bit drone-y so i only saw them for a bit and changed

- whitley
so me & jacky have seen him before, as he was the support for lior last year. he was ok, but honestly i prefered him in the more mellow setting rather than the outdoor rock setting, the mellow setting seemed to give his songs more feeling and mood.

- sarah blasko
sarah was so good, she has a super strong voice. i didn't expect it to be that good, like her voice sounded like it could have just been the recorded, except with huge breaths in between. i honestly didn't expect it to be that good, because i guess on the cd you can't tell its THAT strong. yes, i loved her. but she only really played stuff from her new album, which was ok but i prefer the older albums

- the xx
one of the other bands i was excited about (the other two being florence and sarah) but since sarah blasko and the xx were on at the same time i went half and half, so 20 mins watching sarah blasko and 20 mins watching the xx, which also meant i got the the venue later so i got a bad spot and couldn't see them properly, they were ok. would've been better if it wasn't so hot and we could see them. but they're currently one of the bands that i LOVE. i recommend: 'basic space', 'islands', and 'teardrops' (which is sort of a cover) :)

- dappled cities
they were ok, a typical rock band i thought. but they did come dressed in matching gold leotards :) which was definitely interesting. and a funny thing was that when they played most people were sitting and lounging on the lawn with only a few people at the front standing up. but then they invited sarah blasko to sing with them for one song and everyone stood up. then they went back to singing by themselves and most people sat back down (though there was more people standing up than previous) anyway, in an attempt to get a good spot for florence + the machine we left early to the other stage

- florence + the machine
attempt was kind of a failure, we should have just watched the band before florence and stood in the front so that we would be in the front for florence, but we didn't :( so came the desperate attempt to go near the front. and let me just mention this would have been about 40 mins BEFORE she came out. people seriously climbed trees and sat on fences to get a good spot for florence, and so though it was night time heat was a major problem. see in the day, it was the sun that made us hot, but for florence it was body to body heat. ekk. but i guess we ended up with an ok spot, i could sort of see her exceot when people infront of me decided to raise their arms. but it was damn hot. but florence + the machine was AMAZING :) i loved her, she was so good. definitely my favourite favourite act. and she played every song on her album (and the bonus track) the only one she missed was 'Girl with One Eye' which i didn't like that much anyway. but i ABSOLUTELY love pretty much every other song on that album (also learning her songs on guitar). so yes. i loveloveloved her.
oh also another funny thing that happened, so i mentioned how people climb on trees, well there were these people that climb on a roof (i have no idea how they got there, the roof was really high, think the roof of a big storage place or factory) and someone came out and told florence, and florence went unless the people get down from the roof, the police will make me stop playing. so the people got down. but yes she was awesome :) sigh.

so yes, that was my day.
also, today footscray was totally 10 times cooler than wherever you were :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

sucks but still SUPER excited #29

i just realised that sarah blasko overlaps with the xx tmr
sigh i didn't realise it
cos sarah blasko started at 4.45
and the xx at 5
maybe i might go to see a bit of sarah blasko
and then head to the xx
i'm currently loving the xx atm
bought their album the other day
i really like it

i'm currently so excited
theres also going to be markets and things there

so EXCITED!!!!!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

brussels #28

went to madame brussels today
the place is so cute
its really girlie though
i wouldn't expect there would be that many guys having punch
though there was quite a lot of people there
especially sitting outside
we drank a punch called 'undress me slowly'

i'm currently watching tennis
the 'legends' doubles match
they're so random
they made the ball kids play a few points
and drank beer
and swapped teams

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

noise pollution #27

damn tired right now
last night even though i went to bed at 1
couldn't get to sleep til around 3 or 4
because i think i was too warm
or there was this continual beeping sound outside
(it was low, but when there's no other sounds its noticeable)
and thinking i could sleep through those
i didnt do anything about it
til about 3
closing the window
and changing blankets
then this morning at around 8 or 9
there's continual loud banging
very loud
and turns out that well
let me explain first
so the set of flats that i live in
and the flats next to it
has a fence between it
and for some reason the fence at the back always falls down
they've tried to fix it once but it came down again
so this morning
men came and took even single fence out
hence the constant banging
and they haven't built in another one yet
so its kinda weird
the next set of flats' clothes line are adjacent to our driveway/carpark
but yes
i couldn't sleep this morning

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

australia day #26

had australia day bbq at logan reserve next to altona beach today with my church
i love asian bbqs
i love it how theres heaps of food
but its all asian
like noodles
and nem nuong
and spring rolls
and lemongrass beef
and i didn't even have a sausage, with onion and tomato sauce today
i feel so un-australian

i'm watching tennis now
mens doubles
though its kinda boring
but i love Henri Leconte
he's so funny
its like they're just watching and having their own convos
instead of like commenting tactically
and he laughs funny too

Monday, January 25, 2010

laneway countdown #25

so today i was spending a lot of my day
working out who i was going to see at what time on saturday
for the laneway fest
(because the plaiying times is out :)
damn, i'm excited :)
so i've spent today listening up on the bands i don't know
and working out whether i want to see them or not

fun fun.

matching? #24

one thing that disgusts me
couples that coordinate clothing
and i don't mean at the off occasion of balls or something
or going to a sports event
i mean going out
and by cordinating
i do mean coordinating
not they happen to wear similar things
because maybe they have the same tastes
in sport
or something
but coordinating just cos they are going out
disgusts me
like once i saw this couple
who wore
i kid you not
matching blue polos, khaki shorts and matching brown crocs
and even more because of the crocs
and also fobs who match because the girl thinks its cute.

yes, i know. #23

i missed two days
but i swear it was an accident.
i went out yesterday
and the day before i was absolutely knackered
but i will make it up to you :)

so saturday love actually was on tv
and i watched it again
and i was just thinking
you know that bit with keira knightley
and that guy with the signs
like, how was the guy so sure that keira's character was going to open the door
and not her husband
it would be VERY awkward if the husband opened the door
so yes

Friday, January 22, 2010

quick #22

played tennis today
yes, in the heat.
yes, in the wind.
it was ok, but would've been better if the conditions weren't so bad.

also did some speed cleaning of jacky's house
because his parents are coming back tonight
it was a complete mess, even though he insisted it wasn't that bad
we did ok
not that clean but decent enough.

yeah, quick post today
i have work tmr
& not much to say anyway.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

fingerprints #21

so today i got a new screen protector for my phone
(you know that plastic bit)
and i asked the girl to put it on for me
cos i didnt want bubbles and stuff
and so she was cleaning my screen with the cloth
and then she cleans it with her fingers
so theres fingerprints all over my screen
under the plastic
lucky though its not that obvious
but seriously as if you use your fingers to clean the screen


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

no apologises? #20

so remember when trains are delayed
the announcement would go
'connex apologises for any inconvenience caused'
but today the train was delayed
and there was no apology
there wasn't any
'metro apologises...'
not that it really matters
but i would rather say that they apologise
rather than nothing at all
it kinda feels more like
oh the trains delayed but we don't care
sorta thing.
maybe i'm just petty

also, watching tennis now tomic vs cilic
the match is going so slow
cos tomic hits really slow and flat
and the other guy can't deal with the lack of pace
and most of the points that tomic wins
are due to the errors from cilic
its interesting
but very very slow paced tennis
kind of draining somewhat.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

elephants #19

5 phantys
Originally uploaded by marisoltoledo

this pic is adorable :)

you know what's also adorable
the new elephant cub at melb zoo :)

(clearly, i have not much to say today)

hope you had a nice day today.

promise i'll be more interesting tmr :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

ID, please. #18

no, we weren't buying alcohol
or cigarettes
or doing something like filling an important form
but we were buying a damn sim card
i thought for a sec that the girl thought we asked for cigarettes
but no
you seriously need to show your id if you buy a sim card from coles
you need to fill a form
so we kinda decided to give up and took the train
but last time me and jacky wanted to buy a sim
we just bought it from safeway
we didn't have to fill a form

also, have a read of this article
i find it quite funny
especially the bit where George Clooney writes:
"Love, George, two-time ‘Sexiest Man Alive.’”

Sunday, January 17, 2010

bulk dilema #17

i do not understand when
guys with a larger build or frame
(this also applies to guys with short necks)
take protein and decide to bulk up
it kind of only makes them look more fat
like, i can understand if they want to look more buff
but probably lay off the protein supplements
especially if they already look bulky
um yes,
just saying.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

sorry guys, i have to withdraw some money #16

i find it strange when bus drivers get off the bus
to do something else
while they have a bus full of passengers
i don't mean when they reach the end on the route
or an appropriate rest area
(ie. when they get off to have a smoke)
but i mean
they get off the bus when the traffic light is red and the bus still running
and go do something outside
like today, the bus driver got off
to go to the atm and withdrew some money
plus i always get the ones that pop off to go to the toilet
and once i even got one that got off
to check the price of a car
cos we drove past a car dealership

oh, bec cartwright came into the pharmacy today
i was on my break when she came in
but i saw her at baker's delight
(she's quite small, thats what i thought of her)
which is just outside the pharmacy
apparently when she came in
the girl that works with me, Kara
she was like "you're married to lleyton hewitt, aren't you?"

Friday, January 15, 2010

stranger danger #15

so today while i was a the bus stop
this guy drives up to me in this truck with a trailer thing
and i thought that he was just stopping there
cos the bus stop is right in front of this window/glass/mirror shop
and i thought that he was making a delivery or something
but then he looks at me and goes
"hey gorgeous, where are you going?"
"er... footscray"
"do you wanna lift?"
"no, i'm fine thanks."
then he just drives off
it was kinda creepy
even though the guy looked sort of friendly
like you know how some people just have this shifty look
well he didn't really have that
but still creepy all the same

another thing that happened today
well, i found it a little odd
was that i was at savers right
and i saw this dress and took it in my arms so that i can try it later
and this lady comes up to me and asks me
"can i look at it?"
and she shows it to this other lady
and was like "very pretty, it would look very pretty on you"
and i thought this was strange cos
1) why did she specifically want to look at the one dress i had in my arms? when there was so many on the racks?
2) i was in savers, even if she did like it, she probably wouldn't be able to find another one and since i took it first, it was mine
3) this size was kinda small, ie. i think she was size 14 ish, therefore it wouldn't fit her
but nah, i'm not that picky
i didn't mind
i just thought it was weird that's all.
but i did end up buying the dress
i love it
its kinda 60s with the flaring skirt to the knees
and it covers my forearms
(which i tend to be quite self conscious about)
and its home embroidered
as in someone bought the dress plain
and sewed on really pretty embroidery on it
i plan it wear it to any/a ball this year

talk soon :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

slob #14

2 weeks into the year already
i feel like i haven't really done anything productive
not even like holiday productive
like using my time to go out or something
well, its mainly because
1) i worked heaps last week
2) my mum keeps complaining that i'm never home, thus i stay at home when i'm not working
& staying home means my acting like a slob in my room
today i woke up just a bit before 1 pm
ate a bit of ice cream for my breakfast/lunch
even though my mum told me not to
though she told me to eat cake instead
chocolate cake
so it wasn't really much of an alternative
then i was in my room for about 3 hours on my bed reading
when i was done i decided to make well it was meant to be a tiramisu
but then my mum bought sponge cake
instead of lady sponge finger biscuits
so i couldn't soak the cake in the coffee
and had to add the coffee into the cream instead
so it became more of a coffee cream sponge layer cake
then after doing that
went back to my room
and read
then went on facebook
and then dinner
i'm such a slob.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

reading spree continues #13

didn't really do much today.

did watch a bit of tennis though
and the camera angle on johanna griggs
makes her look like her boobs are sagging
um, yes.

currently have Justice - D.A.N.C.E.
stuck in my head
its a song that gets stuck easily
i like the song though
for now.

i also went to the library again today
and borrowed more books
i think i have like 40 items checked out
i tend to borrow way more than i end up returning
oh, and i finished 'The year Nick McGowan came to stay' today
i really like the ending
it was a warm and fuzzy ending
the girl didn't end up with the guy
so it wasn't typical
but it was nice
cos it wrote how that change can bring life long friends
i thought that was nice

i also want to collect the orange penguin classic books
i bought 3 the other day from borders
cos they were on sale
i bought:
The picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde
How I live now - Meg Rosoff
Tales of the Unexpected - Roald Dahl
i wanted to buy more
but that is sufficient for now
since i've borrowed so many book from the library

meant to go strawberry picking tmr
but not anymore
i was looking forward to it
oh well.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

old vs new names #12

another one from loldwell.com
i did laugh out loud

i've decided that i want to collect the penguin classic books
the orange ones
i bought 3 yesterday, since they were on sale at borders
kinda wanted to buy more
but oh well

so, on saturday
i was working
and i had to sort out prescriptions
and i thought about something
how there are names that are old
and you just assume that the person is old by their name
say i had the name 'kate'
there was heaps of her prescriptions there
but still i didn't think other as being past middle age
(i don't actually know how old she was, but i don't think she was that old by her scripts)
but then you have names like 'agyness'
which is a old name
but yet there's agyness deyn
who's a young and super successful model
but if i knew someone was named agyness
and i hadn't seen them
i think i would assume them as old
or even elderly

anyhow, tired


Monday, January 11, 2010

heatwave #11

damn it was hot today
damn i had work today
damn the air con broke down at work in the middle of the day

it was super hot.
like stuffy and barely breathable.
i didn't really do much at work
cos i couldn't without seeming to exert myself too much
so it was me getting paid for mopping around
since there wasn't many customers
at all.

i shall go mope so more

oops #10

sorry i skipped a day
i realised at 12.57 am last night
but i couldn't be bothered
but i promise it wasn't my fault though
my dad was hogging the computer
all of last night

i'll do another blog tonight

Saturday, January 9, 2010

capped #9

currently capped
cos my dad watches a lot of chinese dramas
and stuff
its so slow
even this didn't load properly

though it is quite funny though
you wouldn't think a middle aged man would be into these dramas
and things
he'd watch them in the middle of the night
and in the morning
and he watches like the chinese singing contests as well
though i do find my dad a little odd
he can go out for a walk for nearly 2 hours
where on earth would you walk to for 2 hours?
and he's trying to lose weight
but eats at irregular times of the day
and he pretty much only eats two minute noodles
which re really fattening and bad for you
and he refuses to eat beef
because he says he was born in the chinese zodiac year of the cow/ox
therefore he can't eat cow products
like he'd go to eat pho in footscray
and would only eat the chicken one
and he also only likes to eat cooked foods
as in he won't eat vegies unless they're cooked
but i think he's fine with fruits though

lol, as i'm typing
my parents are right behind me
watching tennis
so i think i shall end it now

haha, my dad looks funny trying to squat a fly


Friday, January 8, 2010

read read read #8

shall be a short post
cos it friggin hot
and i'm tired
and i have work tmr.

i am well into my reading phase
borrowed like 10 books today
wanted to to borrow more
but i wouldn't have been able to carry them home
i borrowed Ernest Hemingway
bt i know from the past
as in writing classes in yr 10 called 'Express Yourself'
to read Hemingway
you kinda need to be quite alert
and read between the lines
not just whats there
i remember we read a few of his short stories in class
and there was one that was a conversation between this man and woman
and even though they never said anything related to it
and he as narrator never mentioned any of it
you were supposed to figure that the woman had just had an abortion
thus, through the tone and emotions of what the characters are saying
he hints things.
thus you ned an alert mind to read him.
but i was too tired
and hot so i couldn't be bothered
though i did start The Old Man and The Sea
but then opted for something lighter and easier to read

gah, its so hot


Thursday, January 7, 2010

internal music wars? #7

currently loving arrested development

i think i'm currently going through a reading phase
2 phases in one week
read 3 books in 2 days
and no
i haven't watched any movies since love, actually
but it isn't my fault
i'm working 4 days straight this week
damnit, i haven't done that since this time last year
when i practically worked full time for the whole summer
so yes.
and i'm just in a reading mood these days
i'm also using the work thing as the excuse
as to not exercising at all this year
but its only been 7 days
i swear i'll start on saturday

currently also listening to florence + the machine on repeat
i'm so excited to see her on the 30th at laneway fest
i'm also listening to her on repeat
cos i do this thing
where i liked to get the artist plays up on my last.fm
and i want to get them into my top 10
it kinda gets harder and harder since my fav artists change constantly
and you have to play them more and more

my current top 10:











now florence + the machine is no. 12 with 374 plays
thus playing on repeat
and see currently my love of florence is currently surpassing say angus & julia stone
and sarah blasko
thus playng her even more
because i want her to have more plays than them
i know i'm lame
you don't have to tell me

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

free at 100? #6

so theres this old man that comes into our pharmacy
who's 99
apparently if he lives to 100
everything is free for him
i'm not sure what it means by everything
but he said rent
and i assume medications as well
but 100
thats so
and he looks ok still
his hearing isn't very good
but otherwise he seems
relatively healthy and well

anyhow, there's this website i like
i really like the archives
they're quite funny

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

hitting 'the rock' bottom? #5

enough said.


currently watching survivor samoa
very amusing
cos there's this guy that just keeps finding the immunity idol
and frustrating the other team
(i don't particularly like the other team, cos they're kinda like bullies)
and i find it so funny
that he just keeps finding the it
this ep is actually quite interesting
its currently a deadlock between two people
very amusing :)

yeah, not much to say today
haven't watched Bobby yet
too tired
might go to sleep soon
work tmr

toodles !

Monday, January 4, 2010

little gymnast #4

almost skipped a day
i only just realised it was twenty to 12

made a tiramisu today
turned out to be the most successful one yet
but cos the mascapone was so expensive at sims
i used dessert cream, and it was brandy flavoured
tastes good
but i'm going to get so fat from it

also watched Love Actually
(you see i'm going through a phase
of watching a lot of dvds
that i borrowed from the library)
anyways, i liked it
i lso watched the deleted scenes
and theres thisone i kinda find quite random and funny
you know that little boy, who's in love with that little girl, joanna
well they were going to make him a gymnast
and he shows off his abilites
when he's running through the airport to find joanna
like he somersaults over the employees
cartwheels between chairs
and does like high bars to run away from the security guards
i found it so random
but funny
but they didn't have that in the final cut of the movie though

and just so you know
tmr, i'm going to watch a movie called Bobby
so be warned if i do another movie post


auf Wiedersehen !

Sunday, January 3, 2010

black balloon #3

i watched black balloon tonight,
i really enjoyed it.

if you don't know, its about this teenage boy, Thomas,
who is supposedly turning 16
(but the kids look at least 18)
who has to deal with life living with an older brother, Charlie, who is autistic and also has ADHD
and pretty much the mother is the only one who can really handle him properly
but she's pregnant and suffering from pre-aclampsia
(which is pretty much just high blood pressure during pregnancy, and may potentially harm the foetus)
and the doctor tells her that she must take it easy and the dad and Thomas have to take care of Charlie
and its hard on them because Charlie would do things like run for ages and ages
and then go into peoples houses and use their toilet
because he just doesn't understand

i really liked the ending, the performance bit of the movie
it was really cute

and gemma ward was quite cute in it
she keeps saying "wowee"
but i was kind surprised at first
her voice was lower than i thought it would be
but then i was cool with it :)
and she's so pretty :)

and the actor who played the autistic brother, Charlie
was really good and really convincing
like i watched the special features
and they interviewed the actor, Luke Ford
they were saying how they had to go out in public and act as his character
and with Rhys Wakefield playing his brother, Thomas
and he was saying how those who suffer from autism
things are a little hazy for them
so they don't understand social norms and things
and so while he was in character
him and his 'brother' went to a movie, which was Eragon
and when Eragon dies, even though the social reaction would be of sadness
autistic people don't understand this
and he would giggle
and that would help 'Thomas' get into character as well
that sort of feeling of embarrassment
and wishing his brother was normal

also in the movie, Charlie would also sit in the backyard with a stick
and just keep tapping and making incoherent noises
(he can't speak, he only signs)
and the neighbour, who is ignorant, would tell them to shut up
at the end while he's doing that again
and after Thomas finally accepts that his brother can't change
Thomas joins his brother and does the same thing as him
ie. taps a stick and make noises
and you see the neighbour go 'shut up'
but then while she's watering the plants
she accidentally taps the hose to the beat
i really like that scene
cos its like
they won a silent battle

i really really enjoyed the movie
everyone should definitely watch it :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

resolutions? #2

today seemed to go by really fast
probably cos i had a lot to do at work today
and by the time i finished work its pretty much night time

i watched Edward Scissorhands on tv tonight, though
so sad
his face is so like
also, i've seen this makeup tutorial to look like him
its soo good
as in she really looks like him

well i guess its new year
thus resolutions
but to be honest
i haven't really though too deeply about it
actually study hard this year
cos i feel like, well i wasn't at the top, but high up in the class
and very high up in terms of normal schools
now i'm pretty much right at the bottom
and the problem is that i do feel like i am trying
yet i still suck.
so yes no. 1 would be to study harder
no. 2 to try and exercise more regularly
because for me
i have random spurts
like sometimes i would exercise like every day
then sometimes i wouldn't exercise for months
no. 3 make more effort to talk to people
its not like i'm a social outcast or anything
but sometimes (or most of the time)
i really can't be bothered to talk to people
no. 4 read my bible & christian books more often
that, instead of things like twilight and vampire diaries
cos obviously, they're more important
no. 5 try to be more clean
i think when people meet me
i think they think i'd be very clean
but my room usually is an absolute pigsty
as emma said "there are no words" to describe it
when its at its worst
hence, i shall aim to be cleaner
side note: i did clean my room on new years eve
so that i'd start the new year with a clean room
so far so good :)

no. 6 eat more fruits and vegies and red meat
the first two are obvious why
red meat cos i think i have low iron levels
cos i get tired easily
no. 7 just try to be the best i can be
ie. try to be more friendly
less bitchy
more helpful
etc. etc.

yes, made it for the deadline :)

love you all.

Friday, January 1, 2010

new year, start of a new decade #1

welcome to 2010 !

i don't predict anything
i won't say that i think this year would be a good year
because there's always good and bad
and if you want to see a year as being a good year
then you look at all the good stuff and forgetting all the bad
and vice versa
but i hope to live it to the fullest
take both the ups and downs
and see how we go.

but its a new decade which is kind of strange
because by the end of this decade
i'll probably be married
even have kids
and thats kinda scary
i'll be 29
which sounds a lot better than saying i'll be 30

anyhow, i'm aiming to blog once a day
though my promise is at least three times a week
just in case i miss a day
but anyhow

so, let's begin !