hi! i'm als & this is my blog.

i write about random things.
these days i write pretty sporatically.
sometimes i completely rave about something, like a tv show but sometimes i write pretty serious things.
i write in short phrases, i like the freedom of not having to write in proper punctuation and grammar.
i'm a christian. i also ♥ music, art, photography, movies, tv & books.

hope you enjoy ♥

Monday, January 24, 2011

i want to go to london.

Friday, January 21, 2011

super cute stop motion

this video is super cute
its a stop motion vid
for the song her morning elegance by oren lavie
love it ♥


Thursday, January 20, 2011

avril moment

i'm having a bit of an avril moment
i'm just listening to her first two albums
it reminds me of when i used to listen to her in high school
and whilst listening
i remember that her first two albums were actually pretty good
(yes, i bought them)
then she turn crap
that is 'hey hey you you i don't like your boyfriend' crap

i love this song: nobody's home

Well, I couldn't tell you
Why she felt that way
She felt it every day
And I couldn't help her
I just watched her make
The same mistakes again

What's wrong, what's wrong now?
Too many, too many problems
Don't know where she belongs
Where she belongs

She wants to go home
But nobody's home
That's where she lies
Broken inside
With no place to go
No place to go
To dry her eyes
Broken inside

in other news,
i think she looks really good in her proactiv ad

password annoyance

this is ridiculous
i'm trying to reset my monash password
because i'm forgotten it
because after 3 years they made me change it
and so i'm trying to change it now
but they keep rejecting it
1. plain rejected, because i entered the secret question wrong
2. rejected because my password was based on a dictionary word (really?)
3. it was too LONG
i think this is why i can't remember my password in the first place

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Cape

Just started watching 'The Cape'
its a new tv series, which is pretty much a comic book superhero series
and its kind of like Batman
fighting crime and corruption
as lame as it sounds
or looks
it's pretty interesting
well, i enjoyed the first two episodes anyway.
plus, i really like the clever naming of 'Orwell'
as in how she's all seeing but faceless
which is the same as Big Brother in George Orwell's 1984
well, i'm hoping that's why she's named that anyway.
plus, Summer Glau is really hot
and she really reminds me of Olivia Wilde.
Chess is also really creepy
the actor, James Frain, is really good at being villains
he was super creepy as Franklin in True Blood

so the basic plot of 'The Cape' is that Vince Farraday
who was just a cop
gets framed as 'Chess' who had assasinated the chief of police
whilst in actual fact he was framed by the actual 'Chess', Peter Fleming
who is slowly gaining control of the whole city
through its police force.
and well Vincent Faraday was 'killed' by an explosion
though in actual fact he survived
but everyone believes him dead, including his wife and son.
he gets rescued by a bunch of circus bank robbers
and eventually gets trained by Max to be 'the Cape'
so that he can take out Peter Fleming
who destroyed his life.
Enter 'Orwell' who is the city's eye
the faceless person exposing police corruption
she eventually teams up with 'the Cape' against 'Peter Fleming'.

the show is pretty dark
but I find it quite interesting
can't wait til the next episode

more community

i've finished catching up on community
and now waiting on the new ep on 20 jan
and i love the show
i keep going on and on about it to others
though they've never watched it before

and i still love abed
who's pretty much a superhuman robot
and abed & troy together
more of my favourite troy and abed endings

"Troy and Abed in the Morning!"

"Bert and Ernie"

also, my favourite episodes thus far are:

1. the modern warfare, paint ball episode
it was a damn awesome episode
add to the fact that i want to play that game of paintball
it'd be so fun

2. the mafia/chicken episode
i love how troy named the monkey 'annie's boobs'

3. the zombie episode
i usually don't like zombie anything
but this was written really well
and was really funny

Thursday, January 6, 2011

"We always used to watch the shows that SHE wanted to watch. I hate Glee, I hate it. I don't understand the appeal at all." Jeff (whilst crying) - Community

(this quote is only funny if you watch Community & know what Jeff is like)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

TV: community

a show i started watching and LOVE just last night
is Community
its so funny :)
its about a bunch of adults at a not-so-highly-rated college
so most of them are returning back to college
(i.e. theres like a 60 y.o. man and a 40 something divorced lady, amongst others)
though two of them actually came from high school
and so the basic plot is that this guy started a Spanish "study group"
so he can date one of the the girls in his class
but one thing led to another and they actually became a Spanish study group.
its funnier than it sounds
my favourite character is Abed
he's so weird and hilarious :)
i especially enjoy the Abed and Troy endings to the episodes

you'd definitely enjoy it, if you liked arrested development
its similar sort of humour


Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011; new year, new aims, same girl.

sorry about blogging properly for the end of last year
i was just SO busy.
so this year, i have new blogging aims

i aim to blog at least twice a week
plus one extra tv rant blog a week (if i have something to rant about)
its a lot more relaxed than doing a blog a day
which though i did have fun with
but it became a little tedious by the end.

though, on reflection
i seriously can't believe its 2011 already
the year went by so quickly
that i wasn't even that excited for christmas
because i felt like it was christmas not that long ago.

but this year i think will be really challenging for me
having to juggle student leadership at rmit CU
as well as at church
but i hope i will be ok
since i only have three subjects each semester
though i really need to learn how to manage my time better
i don't do it very well during uni at managing my time.
so maybe one of my resolutions this year is to manage my time better
and not be so lazy.

other than that i don't really have any resolutions
because i'll probably break them.


love always ♥♥