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Friday, June 22, 2012

Disney classics vs. modern

So the past two days I've been watching a few of the Disney animated movies that I have not watched or have forgotten about, more precisely the Disney Princess movies. The classics: Sleeping Beauty, Pocahontas and Little Mermaid. And the modern Rapunzel story, Tangled. I'll do a separate post about what I thought about Tangled.

But its pretty funny comparing the classic movies made before the 2000s, and a modern redone fairytale made in the 2000s.

For one thing, the idea of reaching I guess womanhood and when its acceptable to find your prince in the old classics is when the princesses reach 16 years old. Whereas in the modern movie, it is when Rapunzel turns 18 years old then she goes out and falls in love.

Also, in the old movies I find that the princes tend to fall in love with singing voices. In Sleeping Beauty, Prince Philip falls in love with Aurora's voice (in a way) and also in The Little Mermaid Prince Eric falls in love with  Ariel's voice. And in the classics, they fall in love in like two seconds. At least in the modern version, it takes slightly longer.

There's a bit of a progression.

The Sleeping Beauty released in 1959, falls in love the quickest after they sing 'Once Upon a Dream' together, they're in love.

The Little Mermaid released in 1989, well the prince as I mentioned fell in love with her voice, Ariel falls in love with him after spying on him for a bit and rescuing him. And they fall in love a bit more on the boat ride.

In Pocahontas released in 1995, she fell in love with John Smith after a few meetings and chatting to each other. 

And in Tangled released in 2010, Rapunzel and Eugene fall in love after a day's adventure and a romantic boat ride. 

I like that as time goes on, Disney's realising how unrealistic it is for people to fall in love at first sight (or song) or after talking to the people for a few minutes. And so as time has gone one the falling in love bit keeps getting long to make it seem more realistic I guess. 

Also re-watching Pocahontas, it definitely reminded me of Avatar and I know people have said it before, and I had known it, but it is exactly the same just with more fancy graphics. Even the same guy in each movie dies.

Another thing, why do the female villains have to be so vain? eg. Snow White, Tangled. I'm pretty sure the chase for beauty is not the only drive for people to be evil.

And as much as I love the classics, the modern ones are funnier, which I love. The classics are a bit cheesier. 

But watching Sleeping Beauty for the first time, I loved it. Maleficent is a great villain but I'm confused as to why would she randomly curse a child and why she can turn into a dragon, but anywho. The three good fairies were so cute, though. Especially the end when they keep trying to change the colour of the dress. HAHA.

But either classics or modern, the Disney Princess movies are enjoyable to watch :)

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