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i write about random things.
these days i write pretty sporatically.
sometimes i completely rave about something, like a tv show but sometimes i write pretty serious things.
i write in short phrases, i like the freedom of not having to write in proper punctuation and grammar.
i'm a christian. i also ♥ music, art, photography, movies, tv & books.

hope you enjoy ♥

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Perfume: the story of a murderer

I just tried to watch it. I got half an hour in and I couldn't persist with it anymore. It was a bit too weird for my liking. So I had to stop, and the movie is way to melodramatic and there a long scenes when he's just smelling things, which is awkward to watch. And its also hard to carry a film when the main character isn't that relatable. In fact, he was damn right weird and creepy. 

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